April 17, 2018


All parents will know that the greatest battle facing our homes is taking place in lounge rooms and bedrooms every day. It’s a never-ending struggle against a barrage of toys, bits and pieces, weird parts that don’t fit anywhere and the assorted flotsam and jetsam that comes with living with small people. We’re talking toy storage – and it’s a serious problem.
Like an eternal tidal wave of plastic, toys just seem to keep coming into our houses. We’re awash in a sea of Lego, stuffed animals and over-sized gifts that the grandparents “just couldn’t resist”. What we’re looking for, what we’re BEGGING for, is toy storage that’s both functional and fashionable. Storage solutions that will easily match with design schemes and fit into those difficult corners and spaces without completely taking over but still keep those tiny dictators (aka our darling children) happy and able to play.
If you need help with toy storage, the answers are right here.

Toy Storage for Desperate Parents

The issue with many toy storage options is that it’s a ‘one size fits all’ model that doesn’t take into account the design of your home, the ages of your children, the types of toys being stored or the sheer amount of stuff you’re trying to pack away.
Hip Kids have a wide range of toy storage options that will be a perfect fit for any home, child or design scheme. From wide open spaces to teeny-tiny play rooms, you’ll find the toy storage solution of your dreams, designed to make your house feel that little bit more organised.


Traditional Toy Storage Options

Items like the Benji Toy Box, Felix Storage Cubesand Levi Linen Blanket / Toy Boxprovide a traditional, functional toy storage motif that will appeal to those interested in classic design. Pieces like these are ideal for a minimalist look that removes toys from the line of sight but still allows children to easily access their belongings.


A Modern Twist On Toy Storage

For those wanting something a little different, there are a number of innovative options that will appeal. The Bronte Pull Out Table doubles as both storage and a play space. The Toni Toy Box On Wheels is the perfect way to encourage little ones to tidy as they go (and take their teddy bears along for the ride). The Store & Play Toy Box / Bedside Table combines form and function with a creative twist that will be perfect for any oddly shaped areas.


Parents Rejoice! The War Is Over!

Don’t continue to fall victim to the War On Toys. Toy storage solutions designed for YOUR home are here and waiting for you. All you have to do is call in the troops.


Find the perfect toy storage solution to suit your home.Browse our complete range today!





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