Ride ‘em cowboy

Ride ‘em cowboy

14 Apr

Brown HorseGiraffeZebratigerUnicorn

If you have adventurous children aged between 3 and 8 years, who love to explore and play, they will love the fabulous range of ride on toy ponycycles available through Hip Kids. The range includes the gorgeous “Alexia” white unicorn cycle, and a real cowboy style brown and white horse “Toby”, complete with flowing mane, saddle and reins. A wonderful Zebra, Tiger & Giraffe complete the range.

The ride on toy ponies are extremely sturdy and very safe for littlies. Another great feature is they do not require batteries. Instead they are totally reliant on your child’s movements to propel the ponycycle forward. By pushing down on the foot rests and rocking, the toy pony moves forward. For those a little more timid this is perfect as they can control the speed at which they travel and quickly come to a stop should they wish. This way your child can gain confidence and build up use gradually.

The ergonomics required to propel the ponycycle forward are excellent for motor skill development. The ponycycle can be easily steered when the child uses the handles on either side of the head.

Available in 2 sizes to suit different ages and heights, you will find the perfect fit for your little one. Hip Kids ponycylces can be used both indoors and out, which will make it a favourite for your child no matter what the season. More than a fluffy toy, the ponycycle will provide hours of fun for your child. You can also introduce a dialogue about animals and their care and this may build a lifetime affinity. Your ponycycle may instil a confidence about learning to ride which can be extended to push bikes or even as an introduction to the possibility of riding a real horse one day.

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