Rough Night? How Night Lights for Kids Give Everyone A Better Sleep

December 04, 2018

Rough Night? How Night Lights for Kids Give Everyone A Better Sleep

Rough Night? How Night Lights for Kids can Give Everyone A Good Night’s Sleep

Night lights for kids are always absolutely adorable. They are gorgeous little accents that complement any nursery or child’s bedroom design. From dinosaurs to rocket ships, unicorns to giraffes – there’s something for every little person’s (and big person’s!) tastes and design aesthetic. But why DO kids need night lights? And how does a light help someone sleep? It sounds almost counter-intuitive but it works – so what’s the deal?


How night lights for kids provide comfort

Our primitive human bodies are hard-wired to want to sleep around other people. Imagine a family of prehistoric cave men, huddled together for warmth. Our culture, however, pushes family members into their own spaces so we spread out but lack the connection, security and comfort that our ancestors experienced. Your little one is still hooked into this ‘huddle for safety’ mode, which can mean that they become afraid of the dark or being alone. They may have been okay with it when they were a very young baby but some children grow into an intense fear of the dark.


Does a kids night light stop sleep?

That’s dependant on the light. A soft, dim glow will emit a small halo of light that will comfort the child if they wake in fright or as they are drifting off. The light should be enough for them to see for themselves that there are no monsters or nasties hiding in wait! If the light is too bright, melatonin (the naturally occurring chemical that promotes sleep) may be impacted as the body becomes confused between day and night. This means that the night light you select must be soft yet offer that security and comfort that your child is looking for. Look for a night light that offers the ability to control the brightness and has a timer function. Low voltage options help keep the cost of running the night light down and no heat models are safer for curious little hands.


Benefits for the whole family

You may well find that kids night lights mean everyone is getting better quality sleep. There’ll be no tripping over toys in the dark, the (potential) promise of sleeping through the night and the emotional security offered by being able to see. See? The light is coming.


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