Sibling Rivalry - Choose Kids Furniture That Promotes Peace!

Sibling Rivalry - Choose Kids Furniture That Promotes Peace!

27 Feb

Sibling Rivalry – The War Is Over! How To Choose Kids’ Furniture That Promotes Peace

It’s a conflict as old as time itself – the never-ending rivalry of siblings who are forced to share a bedroom. Shouts of “It’s mine!” and “I’m telling!” have long echoed down family corridors, and many a peaceful slumber has been interrupted by someone falling off a bunk bed!

What if the kids’ furniture you selected provided a way to gently ease these tensions? We know that children thrive if they’re given agency, choices and a sense of structure whilst being able to establish some independence. What if clever kids’ furniture solutions were the answer to our prayers for peace?

Choosing kids’ furniture for a shared space

When many people think ‘shared rooms’ they automatically think ‘bunk beds’. It seems to be an economical use of space leaving plenty of empty floor free for activities.

But what are your kids using that floor space for? If it’s just fighting and mess, potentially bunk beds aren’t actually the wise kids’ furniture choice that you thought they were. Consider side by side bedding paired with great storage or desks. It pays to think outside the box when you’re trying to contain the quarrels!

The right kids’ furniture

Human beings are funny creatures. They crave companionship, but they also crave space. Allowing your children to mark their own territories via furniture choices will mean that they can claw back some of that individuality and, as a result, (hopefully) be a bit more amenable to getting along.

Rather than bunk beds that lump kids together, make kids’ furniture choices that allow for personal space and individuality. Twin upholstered beds can be fitted out with sheets, pillows and throws chosen by your children. You can work out design schemes consulting your children about their interests (with parent veto firmly in place) and allow them to have more ownership over the space.

Kids’ furniture and décor

Why stop there? Browse our range of storage and décor options to see how you can personalise that impersonal space. Allowing children to be comfortable in the formation of their own individual identities and letting them express that through having markedly different ‘zones’ will go a long way towards easing tensions at home.

You could even set up a table and chairs in the middle in the interests of promoting quiet harmony at the border. Who knows? This could be the brokering of the kind of peace the United Nations would be jealous of! Kids’ furniture needs to be practical, comfortable and stylish – but it can also play a major role in family dynamics.

Make smarter kid’s furniture choices to create win-win bedroom sharing! Browse the range at Hip Kids today for an impressive range of bedroom décor solutions.

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