Wheelbarrow full of fun

Wheelbarrow full of fun

10 Jun

Wheelbarrow full of fun

Hip Kids Wheelbarrow

As winter begins we may think of spending more time indoors. Winter however, is a great time to get out in the garden and get some jobs done to prepare our gardens for spring. Why not try to involve your children in this activity?

Early experiences in the garden can help form a love of gardening. It’s a great opportunity to chat with your kids about the seasons and growth cycles of plants, as well as getting them into the fresh air. All of those autumn leaves on the ground will need to be cleared. You will no doubt have a wheel barrow or trolley of some kind and it can be a great idea to have a downsized version for the kids to use too.

Hip Kids trolley

The Hip Kids steel kids’ wheelbarrows are a perfect choice. They come in a fun range of colours including

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Pink

The sturdy metal constructed barrow is powder coated with lead free paint. The grips on the handlebars make pushing around a load more comfortable and the rubber wheels make the going easy. The kids can fill up the tray and cart the leaves just like you. Remember to ensure the kids wear gloves when picking up garden waste in case of bugs, but encourage them to explore the garden. There may be many hidden delights that they discover that can keep them entertained.

The Hip Kids wheelbarrow could also be used indoors. It’s the perfect way to pile up the toys and move from one area to another. They might enjoy playing builders and carting their materials in it or cleaning up after play. There is another option available in the form of a trolley, if that’s more your style, or if the kids prefer to pull a wagon around rather than push a barrow.

With no sharp edges and the perfect height for kids ages between 2 -5 these items are a must have addition for adventurous kids.

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