Why Buy Wooden Toys?

September 27, 2018

Why Buy Wooden Toys?

Why Buy Wooden Toys?

Not so long ago, metal and wooden toys were common play items for children. Then plastics overtook our modern world and vibrant, coloured toys became the norm. Typically, a child in 2018 will be gifted building blocks, branded toys, figurines, dolls or games, all made with plastics. This is unfortunate for the environment and for our children. Here’s why parents today should consider wooden toys over plastics when buying gifts for children.


Wooden toys don’t need batteries

Wooden toys encourage children to engage in imaginative play without the need for flashing lights or musical buttons. That’s the beauty of wooden toys over plastic or technology; they cost nothing to run, there’s no ongoing landfill associated with constantly replacing batteries and your child leads the play. Without all the sounds and lights, little ones are free to explore the possibilities of their wonderful imaginations!


Wooden toys are biodegradable

Wooden toys made with timber are much better for the environment over their plastic counterparts. Wood is a natural material and takes around 13 years to break down in landfill. This gets a big, environmental thumbs up - unlike plastics which take thousands of years to decompose.


Wooden toys typically last longer

Years ago, plastic toys were marketed as durable play objects, but that just isn’t the case anymore. Plastic toys today are mass-produced, flimsy, break easily and therefore, end up in landfill much sooner than they should. Wooden toys are typically handmade by skilled craftsmen and women and are finished to the highest quality. For this reason, most wooden toys will outlast their plastic equivalent.


Wooden toys are safer

We have already established that plastic toys break easily. Small broken pieces have the potential to be hazardous for young children and infants who are at the stage when they explore everything with their mouths. This is all the more worrying considering that plastic toys are made from petroleum and can be laden with chemicals. Although there are safety standards in place and most brands are tested before they hit the shelves, toxic toys do exist. Wooden toys offer a more engaging and safer way for children to play, so if there is an option to steer clear from plastics, why wouldn’t you? At HipKids, we pride ourselves on offering a range of beautifully made, functional wooden toys that will stand the test of time.

Browse our range of quality wooden toys here.

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