Why Puzzles For Kids are One of the Best Kids Toys You Can Buy

Why Puzzles For Kids are One of the Best Kids Toys You Can Buy

18 Dec

Why Puzzles For Kids are One of the Best Kids Toys You Can Buy

When shopping for kids toys, it’s easy to dismiss the humble puzzle. They’ve been around for untold generations but with so many shiny and flashy toys to compete with, the poor old puzzle often gets overlooked.

But puzzles for kids could be just what you’re looking for in terms of your child’s development. Here’s what you need to know.

Puzzles for Kids

From toddler to pre-schooler, the simple puzzle can open up a world of delight and discovery. They’re tactile toys that require engagement and inspire creativity.

Puzzles are excellent kids toys that have an incredible amount of potential benefits for your child and their toy room.

Cognitive Skills

There’s more to a puzzle than meets the eye. There are key cognitive skills that are enhanced during puzzle play. Spatial awareness, cause and effect and planning are all in play with this age-old toy.

It’s vital to give our children something that challenges them so they can be active, rather than passive, learners. Learning through play is an excellent way to develop skills that will prove to be invaluable for them in their later years.

Problem Solving

Puzzles for kids promote the key skill of problem solving. Where does this fit? What can’t go there? What do I need to do? They’ll be asked to try, fail and try again as they work to solve the puzzle. This can also develop a sense of educational resilience as the answer will not be clear to them immediately but must be worked through.

Fine Motor Development

Picking up, placing and putting down are vital skills that can be developed through stacking toys and puzzles. Using fingers to pinch and place, rather than smash and mash, will be asking a lot of your young child and this is a great opportunity to watch those key skills grow.

Hand Eye Coordination

As per fine motor development, the act of picking something up and putting it where it needs to go is where hand-eye coordination comes into puzzle play.

Social Play

Lastly, puzzles provide us the opportunity to play with our kids and talk through their decision making. What a great chance this is to turn off the screens and turn our eyes to the floor and the old-fashioned fun therein.

Making the Right Choices

Move away from the plastic fantastic. Work on puzzles with kids to bring your family together and enhance your child’s learning potential.

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