Wooden Doll Houses & Imaginative Play – Win/Win For Parents & Kids!

Wooden Doll Houses & Imaginative Play – Win/Win For Parents & Kids!

11 Feb

For centuries, wooden doll houses have delighted children of all ages through imaginary play. Much to their parents’ delight, boys and girls have found themselves lost for hours on end creating characters, setting up homes, and developing storylines.

Doll houses are not only fun and creative, but they help to develop social and problem-solving skills as well. For an educational and highly engaging addition to your child’s bedroom or playroom, a beautiful wooden dolls house is sure to be a win/ win for parents and children alike.


Doll houses help children explore the world around them

Today’s children have their pick of many different styles of doll houses - ranging from lightweight and portable such as this Ollie Ella Holdie House, to more extravagant sets like this Hape Doll Family Mansion.

The good news is that whichever style they choose, a wooden dolls house will be sure to engage your child and help them to learn more about family and relationships. By role playing on their own or with family members, children can mimic real life scenarios that will help them to explore emotions, communication skills and develop self confidence in the process.


Playing with doll houses now can provide life lessons for the future

Through imaginary play, there’s no limit to the conversations and situations that can arise. While their imaginations are running wild, children will have the opportunity to expand their vocabulary, develop fine motor skills, create and decorate, make decisions, organize, and find ways to resolve conflict. All of these skills are transferable to real life and will help prepare them for kindy and beyond.

As the child gets older, a doll house can grow with them as they can create more complex scenarios and even more creative storylines. Eavesdropping on the conversations your child’s dolls have with one another can be absolutely hysterical and guaranteed adorable!


From retro to modern, doll houses can match any décor style

It’s not surprising that beautifully crafted wooden doll houses have delighted collectors for years. With a variety of architectural and functional styles available, you’ll find one that suites your taste.

For a retro kids bedroom to a more modern, minimalist look, Hip Kids has a wonderful selection of wooden houses and kids’ play furniture that any parent would be proud to have on full display.

For example, this charming Le Toy Van Sophie's Doll House will catch the eye of anyone who walks by. Fully decorated, and painted throughout with non-toxic paint, it is a safe, durable and gorgeous addition to any room.

Give the gift of lasting memories with wooden doll houses

Not only can playing with wooden doll houses foster growth through make-believe play, but it can create lasting memories as well. Doll house play can be a wonderful bonding time for parents and little ones – and a great teaching opportunity as well.

This Remi's Doll Furniture & Doll Family Set allows children and parents to spend time together setting up the house, rearranging the furniture and creating a fun fantasy world that can be reinvented over and over.

Searching for the perfect wooden dolls house and kids play furniture? View our entire collection today!

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