Brolly Sheets

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Brolly Sheets

Brolly Sheets are the number one choice when it comes to protecting against little accidents in the night. Whether frequent...

What is a Brolly Sheet?

Brolly Sheets is a family-owned company that designs and creates a wide range of products, including waterproof bed sheets. These bed wetting sheets are designed to protect your child’s mattress and bedding from little accidents in the night. HipKids sells a convenient variety of Brolly Sheets products, including the Brolly Bed Wetting Sheet Pads and the Brolly Waterproof Fitted Sheet.

What are Brolly Sheets bed wetting sheets made of?

Brolly Sheets products are made from low allergy cotton, not polyester. This ensures that they’re soft and comfortable enough to allow your child a good night’s sleep, and helps to reduce their exposure to allergens.

The Brolly Bed Wetting Sheet Pads are designed with a soft, 100% cotton top and a breathable waterproof back. They’re also designed to be quiet, so even if your child is a restless sleeper, they won’t be kept awake by annoying rustling sounds made by the sheet pads.

The Brolly Waterproof Fitted Sheet and Brolly have been manufactured with the same idea in mind — a soft, cotton top layer with a waterproof layer beneath. 

Are Brolly Sheets worth it?

If your child is frequently wetting the bed, then purchasing bed wetting sheets is a smart and worthwhile investment. Not only can they protect your child’s mattress and bedding — giving you peace of mind — but they can also help mums and dads get a better night’s sleep.

Mattresses and bed sheets for your little one can be expensive. You want these items to last as long as possible until your child grows out of them. But to ensure that they stay in the best condition possible and also remain hygienic, it’s a good idea to invest in Brolly Sheets if your child is going through the bed wetting phase. The best part is, that Brolly Sheets are not just great for your kid’s sleep but for parents’, too.  For example, the sheet pads have been designed to be placed over the top of your child’s bedding and mattress. If there’s a nighttime accident, the sheet pads can be quickly stripped off the bed and thrown into the wash and replaced with a new one. No more stripping the entire bed in the middle of the night. 

How do you use Brolly Sheets?

Brolly Sheets are very easy to use, no matter which product you choose to buy. The Brolly Bed Wetting Sheet Pads have been designed to provide maximum ease of use — simply tuck them securely into the bed and if they become wet, remove them and throw them into the washing machine.

The Brolly Waterproof Duvet/Doona Protector, Brolly Waterproof Quilted Mattress Protector and Brolly Waterproof Fitted Sheet have all been designed to be used in the same way you would use normal bedding. The only difference here is that they’re conveniently waterproof to protect your child’s mattress and bedding.

How do you care for Brolly Sheets?

You can wash Brolly Sheets just like you would any other type of bedding — in cold or warm water, and no soaking is needed. All you need to remember is to not wash or tumble dry the sheets on a setting that is too hot, as this can damage the waterproof backing. It’s also recommended that you avoid using bleach or fabric softeners. 

How long do Brolly Sheets last?

Brolly Sheets have been purpose-built to protect your little one’s mattress and bedding, and have been designed to be reliable, comfortable and resilient enough to last through frequent washing. Ultimately, how long your Brolly Sheets last will come down to how often your child wets the bed and how often they need to be washed. However, Brolly Sheets do come with a 12-month guarantee on all products for peace of mind.

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