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Our beautiful range consists of the following:

  • Miniland dolls - One of our most popular miniland baby doll is the miniland asian girl doll
  • Baby dolls prams & strollers- check out best selling moon pram or wicker pram by Olli Ella
  • Baby doll beds & bedding - We offer adorable doll cots & beds from reputable brands such as Tiny Harlow, Cam Cam & Kids Concept
  • High Chair Toys - Our Greta High Chair is super popular

Should Kids Play With Doll Toys? 8 Reasons Why They Should

One of children's toy that was, and always has been, at the top of the list. Plus, studies show there are many benefits of playing with dolls at a young age.

Dressing a doll for the day and taking care of their "boo-boos" are both acts that demonstrate the use of kindness and responsibility. When children play with baby doll toys, they're also feeding their imaginative play and development.

Studies show that on average, kids spend somewhere between 2 and 3 hours a day staring at a screen, whether it's playing a game on the iPad or watching a show on the TV.

But the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends children between the ages of 2 and 5 should be watching no more than 1 hour per day on screen time.

They will not only help with your child's development but keep them away from the screens.

Keep reading to learn 5 benefits of letting your child play with dolls!

1. It Encourages Imagination

Toys such as toy strollers and pram for kids for instance, aid in the development of their imagination.

When children spend too much time watching certain shows, the concepts of those shows begin to creep into their imaginative playtime so that they are using those concepts without thinking of their own ideas. Of course, there's nothing wrong with a little inspiration from both. 

It's an excellent way to build those original ideas, emotions, and imagination. 

2. For Improved Communication

When children play with their dolls, they find new and different situations for their games. Playing with dolls is also a great way to involve other children, like siblings or friends.

If your child is potty-training, they can act out the same process with their dolls. If they're learning how to shop at the grocery store or they recently went on a trip where they flew on a plane, those same stories can be reenacted with their favourite little life like friend.

They can replay things that they have experienced or are currently learning and communicate in a whole new way by incorporating it into their play.

The chances are that all they want to do is communicate with a small baby or enjoy the feeling of responsibility for taking care of something. When they have a doll, it allows them to say the things they would to a baby or talk to their toddler doll the way they have observed you talking to them and their siblings.

3. To Teach Them Responsibility

Dolls provide a myriad of ways to teach your children about responsibility. You can teach them how to care for themselves and others all just through interaction with their doll.

Children love learning new things and then applying that knowledge and understanding to their toys. They can learn how to feed, clean, potty-train, share toys, take steps, and explore the world, just by treating their doll as you do them.

You can even choose to bring their doll into the bathroom each time they use the potty & show how its done. Or gift them with a highchair for their doll so they can learn even more about eating and feeding at the table.

4. To Encourage Language and Learning

At a certain age, your child will begin to point out their different body parts. Using a doll to help and guide them is an excellent way for them to practice and do so on their own too.

You can use a doll to teach them about eyes, ears, nose, and all the other body parts. 

Also act out different situations and practice their vocabulary as a result. For example, maybe your child just learned how to jump. You can show them how to do the same thing with their doll and in the process, and to discuss the many words and body parts involved in jumping.

Once your child is walking, you can get them to push their doll stroller, take it to the store to try on a new outfit, or even take it out to lunch!

5. For Comfort

But it's positive for children to have lots of toys that give them comfort. Maybe taking a baby doll to the store or to the first day of preschool is what your child needs to make that big first step.

It can also help your child try things for the first time too, knowing they have a buddy by their side to pretend to try it with them.

For example, the first time you go to give your child a hair cut, you could sit the doll down and give them a small one too.

6. To Develop Social Skills

Many social skills are gained in a child's early and developmental years. When children take care of a doll, they learn how to take care of and talk to one another.

When children play "house", they learn to communicate kindly and cooperatively.

Plus, the social situations they encounter in school can easily be repeated when they return home and play with their dolls. Talking about and reenacting things that happen in a child's day is helpful to their cognitive development.

7. To Improve Fine Motor Skills

When children play with dolls around, dress them, change them, and get them to sit and stand, they're using fine motor skills. The more they do it, the better those skills will be. 

This sets up boys and girls for doing anything in life, whether it's as a teacher or a nurse, or even a soccer player!

It also helps them learn to hold someone smaller than them and how to be gentle.

8. Can Help Children Explore Different Hobbies

You child can dress their doll as a construction worker or a ballerina. Their doll can be an astronaut for the day, and then a professional tennis player the next.

Playing with dolls will help your child explore many different professions and hobbies and to help them discover what they're interested in doing themselves.

Eliminating the Gender Gap

For a long time, there has been a stigma against dolls for boys. Many parents have felt uncomfortable allowing their boys to play with dolls, as they feel it's too feminine of an activity.

But little boys playing with dolls is healthy, and it's nothing but innocent. Loving fathers are in abundance. Plus, parenting has changed, and many couples share the responsibilities that were once deemed solely for women.

Imagination, responsibility, and learning language are all benefits that boys can enjoy. Learning to care for a child will only build and enhance the many characteristics that will encourage boys to be excellent fathers in the future.

And why should we limit those fine motor skills to just girls? Boys benefit from the same thing.

Plus playing with dolls is fun! And if you have multiple kids, it will keep them entertained for long periods of time.

You could build your son a little car for his doll, out of an old cardboard box. Or even build them a bench and teach them about waiting for and taking a bus in a big city. When it comes to playing with dolls, the possibilities are endless!

It's Healthy for Your Kids

Not only does it help them develop social skills, but playing with dolls also encourages imagination and teaches children about responsibility.

They are an excellent way for children to explore different hobbies and decide which things they'd like to try on their own.

Dressing them, help children to develop fine motor skills. It also reinforces what your child is learning, like how to use the potty or change their clothes.

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