Grimm's Toys

Grimm's wooden toys are simple, unique and completely safe for little hands to handle. Find them at HipKids online with flexible payment options available.

Grimm's Toys

Enjoying a massive resurgence as parents reflect on their own childhoods, children’s wooden toys are bringing balance to the current...

What are Grimm’s toys?

Characteristically bright and made from natural wood, Grimm’s produces unique children's toys that are adored by both adults and children all over the world. Guided by the principles of Montessori, Waldorf education and other educational approaches, Grimm’s wooden toys provide children with a foundation for unlimited imaginative play. Based in southern Germany, Grimm’s toys satisfy a growing demand for more traditional, wooden toys that are produced with natural oils and stained with water-based colours instead of mass-produced (and even sometimes toxic) children’s toys.

Are Grimm’s wooden toys worth it?

Long-lasting, durable and good for the environment, Grimm’s toys are a smart investment for parents who are waste- and health-conscious. In addition to their longevity and sustainability, Grimm’s wooden toys are designed with thoughtful, minimalistic detail to invoke creativity and encourage imagination as each piece can be used across multiple situations. 

Why are Grimm’s toys so popular?

Satisfying a growing demand for naturally crafted wooden toys, Grimm’s has become very popular and loved by children and adults for their high-quality, hand-painted toys. Grimm’s is a family-owned company that is concerned with maintaining a high standard of quality as well as creating long-lasting toys with the environment in mind. In a digital era, Grimm’s wooden toys offer a thoughtful balance to children’s technological toys and educational tablets. For parents looking to encourage creativity and endless imagination, Grimm’s toys are the perfect addition to your child’s toy box.

Are Grimm’s toys handmade?

Sanded, sawn and painted by hand, Grimm’s wooden toys are truly unique. Unlike mass-produced children’s toys, you can see the individuality in each Grimm’s piece such as unique variations in the wood grain and dark spots where a branch would have eventually sprouted.

What age is the Rainbow Stacker for?

From just a few months old right up to ten years old, children of all ages love playing with Grimm’s wooden stacking toys. For little children, the big pieces are easy to hold and manipulate as well as double up as fun tunnels. Toddlers enjoy the Rainbow Stacker toys for colour-sorting activities and creating out-of-the-box structures. As your child grows, these wooden toys make for beautiful decor items and often eventually end up being used as a unique storage platform in teenagers’ bedrooms.

Browse our wide selection of Grimm’s in Australia

From the popular Rainbow Stackers to colourful Friends, Slimline Cars and beads graspers for babies, HipKids stocks a wide range of Grimm’s toys in Australia. Browse our collection of unique wooden toys online and introduce your children to a wonderful world of unlimited play possibilities.

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