Jellystone Design

Jellystone toys and teethers are a fun and safe way for little ones to explore and learn through sensory exploration. Discover their colourful designs at HipKids.

Jellystone Design

Help your child through their teething experience with our range of Jellystone silicone teethers and toys. Designed with your child’s...

What is the best material for teethers?

When it comes to baby teethers, you need something safe and durable. Rubber, wood and silicone baby chew toys are some of the best options for your baby as they won’t deteriorate after only a few uses. With a more solid material, there is little to no chance a teething baby will break the toy, making it a durable and functional item for your child.

Are silicone teethers good?

Silicone teethers are some of the most popular toys used by new parents for their teething babies. When you choose a silicone chew toy for your baby, you are opting for the safest and most hygienic option on the market. The material's flexibility makes silicone teethers easy for babies to grip and provides the most soothing tool for your little ones when they are teething.  

Are silicone bead teethers safe?

If they are small enough to be hand-held and not in necklace form, silicone bead teethers are safe for your baby. Silicone bead teethers are great for providing an additional texture for babies to experience. The Jellystone Moon Teether provides two different shapes in a ring style that is entirely safe for babies to chew on and experience.  

How do you clean a Jellystone teether?

Jellystone silicone teethers are very easy to clean and sanitise. Warm soapy water is the perfect cleaning agent to use, or you can even put it straight into the dishwasher for the ultimate convenience. Jellystone teethers have convenience incorporated into their design, making them a popular choice for busy parents. 

Is silicone safe for babies?

The material used in Jellystone silicone toys and teethers is food-grade, making it completely safe for babies. With the added bonus of silicone being extremely easy to clean, there is no better choice for baby chew toys on the market. 

Are silicone toys safe for babies?

Provided that food-grade silicone is used in the production of the toy, they are entirely safe for babies to play with. All Jellystone silicone toys are made using the highest quality, food-grade silicone, so you know that your baby will be perfectly safe with anything from the Jellystone range. 

Can you freeze silicone teethers?

The freezer is the perfect way to cool baby silicone teethers. Because of their design and essential make-up, the chew toys in the Jellystone range never actually freeze but chill down to a fantastic temperature that can help soothe swollen baby gums from teething. Freezing silicone baby chew toys is entirely safe.

Are silicone chew toys safe?

Yes, they are. It is always best to buy silicone baby chew toys from reputable manufacturers and retailers to ensure that the highest quality materials are used during the production of teethers and chew toys. All baby chew toys in the HipKids range are sourced from the most reputable manufacturers, so you can trust that your baby is completely safe with any of the products you will find in our store. 

How do you clean silicone teething toys?

Silicone teething toys for babies are extremely popular due to the ease of cleaning. To clean silicone teething chew toys for babies, you simply need to wash them with warm water and soap, either by hand or in a dishwasher. 

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