Toy Kitchens

Explore kids' play kitchens at HipKids, featuring tea party sets, ice-cream trolleys, and Scandinavian-inspired designs. Capture your child's creativity today!

Toy Kitchens

Give your budding chef more tools and toys to get creative with the most vibrant range of kid’s play kitchens...

What are the benefits of Hip Kids kitchen sets?

Enhancing visual development 

Playing with toys sets requires that a child identifies different components of the set, and recognises where it will fit. This helps develop the visual ability to tell apart shapes and colours. The child will also learn the names of the shapes and colours when you interact with him/her. 

Develops language and communication skills 

Children learn language through imitation picked up in different interactions. Children playing with older children or adults will pick names and pronunciations during play.  They also develop a sense of verbs and nouns and how to use them. 

Engaging in play also develops a child’s ability to communicate effectively. The child can recognise elements of communication such as questions, answers, exclamations, commands, requests and so on.  

Developing numeracy skills 

Role-playing with a toy kitchen will require that a child does the counting of different ingredients, utensils and other toy items. This develops the child’s ability to count numbers. 

Developing motor skills and dexterity 

Young children develop motor skills by learning to grip, hold and balance different items.  Working with toy items teaches them how to work with their hands better. Kitchen sets will need arranging and rearranging small items on small spaces where delicate balancing will be required. This further helps a child refine his/her hand dexterity. Your child will be able to remove and place items with ease as time goes. 

Develop spatial awareness 

Spatial awareness is the recognition of an object’s place in a physical space, including the kid herself.  Placing different items such that they fit will teach the child the concept of space sharing. If the child is playing with others, she will learn how people make and share space when nearby.

Creates self-confidence 

Allowing a child to feel in charge helps her start developing decision-making abilities. She will be answering questions like, what is on the menu today? Is the food to be baked or fried?  These roles build self-confidence that goes into other spheres of life. 

Is this toy set suitable for boys?

Kitchen sets are not for girls only. Boys can play kitchen games as well because they are entirely representative of what is possible in the career world. There are many kitchen themed TV shows with men working in them.  It is OK for a boy child to want to be like them.

Are these toys safe for my child?

These toys are painted with lead-free, non-toxic paint. They do not have sharp corners and any nooks that can trap a child’s clothing.

Where can I get these toys?

Feel free to contact us for any queries about kitchen sets and other kids’ toys

What do you put in a kid's play kitchen?

If you’re curating a kid’s play kitchen, you may include an artificial microwave, plates, bowls, a fridge and a little oven. This is a fun way to keep your child busy while you’re cooking food on a real stove. You can also add play coffee machines, ice-cream trolleys and pretend shopping carts.

What is a good age for a children’s kitchen?

A good age for children’s kitchens is usually between 2 to 3 years. This is an ideal time for them to start experimenting with different materials and start pretend cooking to feed their favourite cuddly toys and dolls.

Is a play kitchen toy worth it?

Yes. Play kitchen toys are a worthwhile investment in a child’s learning and development. They promote language and communication skills, improve imagination and build confidence. 

What should I look for in a kid’s play kitchen?

If you’re planning to buy a kid’s play kitchen, here are a few things you should look out for to get the most out of these wonderful toy sets: 

  • High-quality materials 
  • Eco-friendly and chemical-free substances 
  • Small or compact size 
  • Aesthetically pleasing 
Why do kids love play kitchens?

Kids love play kitchens as it gives them an opportunity to get imaginative, play pretend and imitate their parents cooking. The creativity linked to kid’s play kitchens is endless — children can play at being a TV chef or act as a dinner party host for their stuffed toys.

Is a play kitchen good for a child’s development?

Children’s play kitchens are a great way to engage a child in imaginative roleplay while fostering cognitive developmental benefits and experiential learning. They teach kids to think creatively, build patience and practice problem-solving.

What are the best play kitchen accessories?

If you’re looking to expand your kid’s play kitchen collection, it’s time to invest in some additional accessories from HipKids, including: 

  • Fruit cutting set 
  • Beverage set 
  • Supermarket grocery set 
  • Bakery set 
  • Ice-cream set and cart 
  • Aussie ice-creams 
  • Cash register 
  • Chef clothes 
  • Restaurant set 
  • Market scales 
Why should you buy children’s kitchens from HipKids?

HipKids is home to one of the largest collections of Australian-specific kid’s play kitchen sets. Combining functionality, design and premium quality, all of our kid’s play kitchens are tailored to give your little one an optimal kitchen roleplay experience.

Why choose HipKids for your child’s play kitchen toys?

HipKids is dedicated to creating the most authentic wooden children’s kitchens that will last the test of time. With a heavy focus on research and child-focused design, all our play kitchens are made to inspire and motivate them even through playtime.

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