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Moover Danish wooden toys If you’re searching for quality toys that offer classic design, premium materials and durability, you’ll find...

Where are Moover toys made?

Moover toys are designed and produced in Denmark. Since the company launched in 2003, they have become one of the most popular manufacturers of luxury wooden toys in the world. The founders of Moover toys began developing products after discovering a gap in the market for contemporary toys that offer durability, simplicity, minimalism and functionality. At Hip Kids, we are dedicated to sourcing the best products, which is why we work hard to curate a collection of premium toys from across the globe.

Are Moover toys durable?

Unlike plenty of plastic manufactured toys, Moover Danish wooden toys have been built to last. Thanks to the intuitive design process and premium wood materials, Moover toys are incredibly robust and will stand the test of time regardless of where your little explorers take them. At Hip Kids, we know how important it is for parents to find toys that can withstand even the mightiest grips from infants and toddlers, which is why we stock Moover toys that offer safety and durability.

What age range are Moover toys suitable for?

At Hip Kids, we stock a collection of Moover toys that are suitable for both infants and toddlers. Our range includes products that can be used in the early stages of childhood to help kids develop important motor skills and support growth. When browsing our online store, we invite customers to use our helpful search tool that allows you to select toys based on your preferred age range. If you’re unsure if a product is suitable for your child, we encourage you to get in touch with someone from our Hip Kids customer service team who will be able to best advise on which Moover toy is best for your needs.

Are Moover toys environmentally friendly?

In an effort to produce toys more consciously, the team at Moover adhere to an environmentally friendly design and manufacturing process. All of their toys are made using sustainable, renewable wood materials, making them a far more eco-friendly option than many of the plastic toys on the market. Not only is wood recyclable and biodegradable, but it is far more durable than other materials, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy Moover toys for many years to come.

What toys do Moover make?

At Hip Kids, we stock a range of best selling and popular Moover toys for our customers to purchase. For little ones who are taking their first steps, the Moover walkers are a great option to help them safely develop their movement skills. The Moover cleaning set helps children develop an understanding of materials and vital creative thinking skills. Our Moover wooden block wagon is a great gift for toddlers aged 1-year or older who are starting to learn shapes, sounds and numbers. We also stock a range of trucks that are perfect for solo or interplay that will encourage children to explore social and spatial awareness.

What makes Moover toys special?

Moover has become an incredibly popular choice on the toy market thanks to the quality of their products, the contemporary design, their educational value and the environmentally friendly manufacturing process. When it comes to finding special gifts and toys, Moover products tick plenty of boxes. Thanks to the key features of Scandinavian design, Moover toys have a contemporary feel while still offering classic style, educational value and quality finishes. If you’re looking for a premium product that provides hours of entertainment and long-lasting durability, then opt for a Moover Danish wooden toy over other plastic toys on the market.

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