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Scrunch Kids

You may have heard of Scrunch Kids before, but if not, it’s time to meet their award-winning toy designs for...

What makes Scrunch Kids special?

Scrunch Kids toys solve a fundamental problem every parent has had to deal with – the challenge of bringing engaging toys on your travels and finding room for them in your home. By creating fully collapsible, non-rigid toy designs, Scrunch Kids makes it easier than ever to travel with your little one’s favourite toys and tools.

What are Scrunch Kids beach toys made from?

The secret to Scrunch Kids toys is their silicone construction. Silicone is a stain-free, easy-to-clean and temperature durable material — making it great for messy activities like gardening in the mud or playing in the sand. Not only that, but their silicone is of food-grade quality, so it’s totally safe for kids to chew on without any dramas.

Silicone also has a smooth surface which means handles are easier for little fingers to grip, so your little one can have more control as they build and create with their beach toys. The material resists even the hottest temperatures and won’t become hot to the touch even when left in the sun. The non-rigid design makes these toys virtually knock-proof — say goodbye to bumped heads or painful accidents.

Are Scrunch Kids toys environmentally friendly?

In a word — yes! Silicone is made from quartz sand. As hardy as metal and with more flexibility than plastic, it’s the perfect material for kid’s toys. Silicone is also totally recyclable and reusable, making it better for the planet than plastic alternatives. The silicone creation process doesn’t create any chemical byproducts and, in fact, may be helpful for the environment, making it a fantastic material to work with.

What toys do Scrunch Kids make?

Scrunch Kids offers a range of toys for all sorts of fun outdoor play. Their foldable buckets are great at the pool, splashing around at home, gardening with adults and at the beach. Their recycled material spades made the perfect tool for planting flowers and making sandcastles. Kids can explore and create with the range of cut animal-shaped sand moulds, while the non-rigid watering can is easy to grip and makes a great accessory both outside in the water or the garden and inside at bath time.

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