Wishbone is a New Zealand company that is big on sustainability practices and transformational designs. Their values as a company...

Why choose Wishbone ride-on products?

Wishbone creates sturdy and durable ride-on toys for kids that are designed to change as your child grows. In their own words, Wishbone creates ‘simple things that work well.’ If you’re looking for a ride-on toy for your child that will provide hours of fun and last for years, then this is it. Wishbone bikes are also a great choice for kids who want to ride and play with the bigger kids but don’t have the balance for a two-wheeled bike or a bike with pedals. The design of the Wishbone Bike 3-in-1 is perfect for this, as it offers a classic design that can be customised when your child is ready to go from three wheels to two.

Are Wishbone products good value for money?

Wishbone products focus on sustainability as well as value for money and value for play. Because the idea is to create durable products that last longer, this equates to less money spent by parents on upgrading toys when your baby starts to grow up. In this way, investing in a Wishbone rider is not only economical but can offer your child years of enjoyment.

Do Wishbone bikes need any at-home assembly?

Yes, there will be some assembly required. But don’t worry – Wishbone products have been specially designed so that parents can easily put them together at home.

What age are Wishbone ride-ons for?

We stock a selection of Wishbone ride-on products. The Wishbone Flip, Mini Flip and Bike 3-in-1 Original are most suitable for children aged 12 months to five years. The Wishbone Toy Wagon is suitable for children from 12 months to 10 years of age.

Wishbone ride-on toys have been designed to transform as your children grow. You could purchase a Wishbone product (such as the Wishbone Flip) as your child is learning to walk, and it could last them up until around the age of five. They work just as well as a walker as they do a rocker or a ride-on toy.

Where can I buy Wishbone bikes in Australia for my kids?

You can purchase Wishbone bikes right here on the HipKids website. HipKids is a stockist of Wishbone bikes in Australia, including the Wishbone Bike 3-in-1 Original and the Wishbone Flip. We also stock the versatile Wishbone Toy Wagon, which comes with a nostalgic, traditional design but can be converted from a wagon to a foot-to-floor car to a go-cart.

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