A Guide to Kids Furniture

A Guide to Kids Furniture

16 Jun

Children don’t always use furniture in the way that it’s intended. Take a bookshelf, for example. To adults it’s for storage, but for children it could be used as a ladder to reach something above. 

Simple things such as choosing tables with rounded edges, moving unstable furniture away from where children play, and securing tall furniture to a wall can make your home safer. So too can shopping for bookcases with a broad and stable base instead of legs, perfect for your child’s safety.

Want to know how to combine safety and style when shopping for your child’s furniture? At HipKids we’re the creators of beautiful kids furniture that is not only stylish in design, but practical and functional.

What is kid’s furniture?

Decorating and furnishing a child’s room involves more than simply picking the stuff you find cute. Furniture needs to be the right size for kids – adapted to suit their differing height, weight, capabilities, and so on. Personalisation also plays a role, as the furniture you choose can determine whether or not a child’s bedroom, playroom, or other dedicated area is their favourite part of the house. 

Children need to be able to reach their furniture and use it comfortably. This means staying away from shelves mounted high, and tall cabinets. In addition, kids need lots of storage for their toys and nothing that’s too overly complicated. The simpler the better when it comes to kids, helping them to stay organised and quickly and easily put things where they belong.

 It’s also important to leave plenty of empty floor space so kids have room to play and have fun. Find clever ways to save space and look for furniture that’s sturdy, durable and functional in multiple ways. For example, our KODI wooden bed is a stylish, modern wooden bed with safety rails, seat, and storage built in. 

Another thing to think about is creativity. Kids love to play and get creative, and – if you don’t give them designated space to release this energy – they’ll end up using the furniture. Make things easier on your kids by choosing items that let them paint, draw, stick things onto, or explore hidden gems. Kids are only young once, so let them have fun. Kids’ furniture does need to be safe and functional, but it doesn’t need to be serious. 

What types of furniture should specifically be bought for kids?

There are certain types of furniture that should be purchased specifically with kids in mind. These items include:


Once your child is strong enough or tall enough to climb out of their cot, they are ready for a toddler bed. These beds are specially made with 18-24 month olds in mind, helping your child to understand that they’re not a baby anymore. Toddler beds are just the right size for your little one and will help to foster a sense of independence. 

Kids beds are the next step up, and often incorporate storage underneath or a trundle mattress (a second mattress for sleepovers), desk or futon. A bed can be classic in style, modern, canopy or sleigh-style, or whimsically themed. If choosing bunk beds, be sure to check the safety features such as guardrails and the ladder. Children under seven years of age should be restricted from sleeping in the top bunk.


Kids like to have ownership of their things, and can at times feel lost when everything around them is ‘adult’. Giving your child a table and chairs that’s just the right size will make offer them their own place to play, enjoy craft, and eat snacks comfortably. Kids tables are made to withstand the rigours of play, and a regular wipe-down with a non-toxic household cleaner should be all you need to keep your child’s furniture clean and maintained. 

Toy storage

Storage is an absolute must in your child’s room, or any room where your child plays with toys. Without appropriate storage, life will be chaotic.

Baskets and bins that can be kept on bookshelves or in closets are a great way to store kids toys. Toy storage boxes along walls or a toy bin at the end of your child’s bed can also make cleanup-time a breeze. 

You can even use a coat rack for storage to not only hold your child’s coat, but also for hanging backpacks, hats, and more. 

The more storage options you offer and the easier they are to interact with, the better chance you have of introducing lifelong organisation skills to your child. 


A kids bookshelf could be the most important piece of furniture in your child’s room after their bed. Do you know that a child’s brain is 90% developed by the age of five? And books can help to teach language skills that will last a lifetime.

A bookshelf keeps all your child’s stories handy in one place, and an open kids bookshelf or bookcase is one of the best tools for encouraging a love of books, allowing for maximum exposure of the books. A good example is our Jessie Bookcase Caddy


What good is it to have a great bookshelf if you don’t offer a comfortable place to sit and read? Kids seating can come in the form of a beanbag, flip out sofa, a linen armchair, large floor cushions, or a kids teepee – just so long as it’s the right size to support the comfort and safety of your child. 

If choosing seating for a kids table or desk, look for solid construction and non-slip legs. 

Where to buy kids furniture

It’s important when choosing kids furniture that you look for a manufacturer that understands kids. Established in 2006 with baby number three on the way, no one knows kids better than HipKids. 

HipKids was born out of a need to combine functional and safe furniture with stylish and beautifully designed items that will last through multiple family members. Countless hours were and still are used to research the best furniture, toys, storage, decor and outdoor play items for your children. 

Hip Kids offers furniture that delivers in functionality and quality. Refreshing in its design, our products are:

  • Safe and functional
  • 100% Australian-owned
  • And of the highest quality

If you want peace of mind that you’re buying right when shopping for kids furniture, shop our range of kids furniture online today.

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