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If you’re looking for a quality kids’ couch or bean bag, you’ve come to the right place! HipKids stocks an awesome range of children’s furniture and these smartly designed sofa chairs are suitable for a range of activities, such as reading, playing video games, watching television and napping. Our range consists of kids fold out couches, Upholstered kids sofas & armchairs

Your child will love having their very own sofa. Sourced from the best manufacturers in the world, our sofa chairs are built to endure the demands of everyday life. Our team hand-pick each one of our products, and quality workmanship is a key feature across the entire range.

Featuring durable materials and a solid construction, our collection of kids’ sofa chairs meets Australian Safety Standards while also being a stylish addition to your home. And our collection boasts some clever design details such as:

  • Water-resistance: these sofa chairs are easy to wipe down and some styles are suitable for outdoor useBright colours: from neutral shades to bright jewel tones, nearly all products in the range are available in a number of different coloursPracticality: our sofa chairs come with an assortment of handy features, such as cup holders, footrests, carry handles and washable covers.

5 Great Reasons to Purchase a Kids' Sofa Chair for Your Home

Do your loved ones enjoy lounging on the living room sectional for movie night or after-school play? 

If so, you know much of an impact a sofa can have on a room and a family. 

While an oversized one can anchor a communal living space and add warmth to the heart of your home, have you ever considered adding one in your child's room?

A kids sofa is an attractive, practical way to spruce up a tiny space. It will also quickly become their most cherished spot in the house.

Today, we're sharing five reasons why this is a smart investment for your home, and the many benefits a pint-sized sofa can bring. 

Ready to learn more? Let's get started!

1. Create a Dedicated Space for Comfort

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that kids love to emulate adults. When they see us reading in our favourite armchair or relaxing in a recliner at the end of a long day, they want to do the same. 

A kids sofa allows them the same kind of reprieve. It becomes "their" spot, where they know they can retreat to when it's time to read, draw, play, or simply lounge. 

Childcare experts point to the importance of establishing a safe space for growing, developing kids. Inindated with sensory-rich experiences all day, they need a spot where they can go to unwind.

Near their sofa, you can stash a comforting collection of soft toys, favourite blankets, and calming music. Keep the distractions minimal and the noise as soft as possible. Then, any time they're feeling overwhelmed, upset, or simply in need of a little time alone, they'll know exactly where to go. 

You can call it the "Calm Down Corner" and position it anywhere that you think your child will be the most comfortable. This might be a special spot in her room, a corner in the playroom, or even a nook in a wide hallway or foyer. 

Make their spot as cozy as possible with a soft beanbag chair they can relax into. Available in one-seater or two-seater models, our covers are water-resistant, quick to clean and available in a range of colours.

In addition to a carrying strap, they also feature built-in, expandable cup holders and convenient side pockets. These make perfect spots to stash the remote control, water bottles, journals and more!

Or may prefer our best selling Finley 2 Seater kids fold out loungewhich is ideal childrens flip out sofa for children aged 2+ which is a great flip out sofa perfect for sitting, watching tv or simply taking time out from a hectic play session

2. Provide an Aesthetic Room Addition

As parents, we want our tots to play and explore to their hearts' content. That means we tend to eschew expensive purchases in favour of lower-quality items that we don't mind getting worn. 

In your quest to save money, you don't have to settle for cheaply made furniture from the big-box store that takes hours to assemble and falls apart in minutes. While it might seem like a smart idea at the time, consider how much money you'll spend throughout the years as pieces chip, break or simply fall apart.

Today, you can find gorgeous, durable kids' furniture in a range of styles to complement any decor and fit into any budget.

Take our functional and stylish  Montana Linen Sofa, for instance. Featuring a minimalist design, sturdy linen fabric, and solid wood legs, it's an investment piece that will last for years, available at an economical price point. Every piece in our collection also meets Australian Safety Standards, so you'll never have to worry as your kids enjoy their furniture to the fullest. 

Rather than cutting corners, we've padded this sofa with top-quality foam to make sure it can stand up to the toughest conditions. That means you get function and flair, for a fraction of the price.

We loved the design so much we even made single-seater linen armchairs and footstools that coordinate! From gorgeous neutral designs to bolder colour choices, we offer a range of looks that will turn the head of any tiny critic!

3. Foster Independent Learning

As your children grow, they'll become more interested in learning about the world around them. In fact, their brain will double in size by their first birthday. By age three, it's 80% of its adult size and it reaches 90% by age five!

From board books and colouring sheets to school-age homework and paperbacks, they'll dive into learning.

When they're ready to tackle some of these endeavours on their own, it helps to designate a special study spot with all of their favourite gear. Set up a kids sofa in the living room or playroom, along with age-appropriate school supplies, including:

  • Crayons or coloured pencilsWorksheetsCraft gearStickersTapeGlueFolders and binders

Of course, you'll need to make sure the surrounding area is play-appropriate, so put down a canvas or tarp for messier activities. Or, you can even take the classroom outside! Many of our kid's sofas, including our bean bag covers, easily transition between the indoors and the outdoors. 

When the environment is always ready, kids are that much more willing to explore it. Want to make the study space even more enticing? Add a cushy canvas bean bag chair that's just the right height!

4. Double Their Sleeping Space

Do your children love having sleepovers with their school friends or other family members? If so, you likely recognize the challenge of finding enough sleeping spots for everyone!

While traditional sleeping bags will work in a pinch, sleeping on the hard ground isn't exactly desirable or comfortable. That's when an oversized kid's sofa can come in handy!

Need a little inspiration? Take a look at our Finley Two-Seater Flip-Out model.

When your kids want to sit up and watch a movie, read a book or have a snack, it functions as a traditional couch.

Then, with a single flip, it folds out into a luxuriously comfortable toddler bed! In keeping with our trademark modern design, this sofa is streamlined and sleek, covered in a material that looks like leather but is easier to maintain, wipe clean and remove.

Built with multi-density foam and available in three neutral colour options, this transitional sofa makes an ideal addition to any kid's room. It's also the perfect spot for your tyke to curl up and take an afternoon nap!

5. Support Their Growing Bodies

Do your school-age children love playing video games or watching television in the afternoons? If they're sitting on the floor to do so, consider the long-term impact this setup could have on their posture. 

This is especially the case with "W" sitting. This is a seated position in which your child's bottom is on the ground and his knees are bent in front of him. His feet can be either tucked underneath or splayed out to the side.

It isn't uncommon for kids to move into this position as they sit in front of the television. It allows them to push upward onto their knees if they want to get closer to the screen. 

Although it can be comfortable at first, experts show that this position can turn your child's hips inward, putting unnecessary pressure on his feet and shins. 

Instead, why not give them a sturdy chair or sofa that allows them to participate in their favourite activities while taking the pressure off their spine and joints? From your living room and home office to their playroom and bedroom, it's important to give them plenty of seating options. 

The best part? You don't have to worry about upsetting any decorating schemes you've already established in your main living spaces. While some children's furniture can take away from a stylish interior, ours do nothing but add to it. 

Take this gorgeous chaise lounge, for instance. Available in a soft mauve with solid wood legs, it will fit right into any design, no matter how regal.

Find the Perfect Kids Sofa Today

Are you ready to surprise your little one with a piece of furniture that's all their own? Rather than relying on secondhand cast-offs or a low-quality knockoff, it's smart to invest in a reliable piece they'll love for years. 

That's where our kids sofa options come in! Whether you need a single-seater for their study station or a flip-out couch that's perfect for a crowd, we've got you covered. As rugged as they are fashionable, these are an effortless addition to your home. 

Take the time to browse our entire kid's seating collection which includes kids fold out sofas , kids upholstered armchairs, stools & sofas and find the style that works best for your family. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us

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HipKids is a wholly Australian, family-owned business based in Melbourne. We have been providing inspirational children’s toys and furniture since 2006, delivering unique and beautifully designed products to families all over the country.

And you won’t find products like ours anywhere else. Stylish, functional and constructed from safe materials that are built to last, our toys and furniture are loved by families around Australia. And yet, despite their uniqueness, we are still able to maintain an affordable and highly competitive price point.

Because we’re parents ourselves, we know that kids’ possessions have to be able to stand up to some pretty rough treatment sometimes, so we endeavour to only stock toys and furniture that will meet the demands of the average Australian family.

All of our products conform to Australian Safety Standards and we include a 1 Year Structural Warranty with every item we sell. So you can buy our products with confidence, knowing they will continue to provide your kids with pleasure for many more years to come.

At HipKids, we are renowned for our outstanding customer service and affordable prices and everything we sell comes with our HipKids promise. That means, if you aren’t completely satisfied with the item you’ve purchased, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply).

And when you shop with us, we give a dollar from every sale to a life-changing project for kids through our I=change initiative. So you’re helping less fortunate children as well as giving your kids what they want.

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