Decor Series Part 1: How to Create a Timeless Look For a Girl’s Bedroom

Decor Series Part 1: How to Create a Timeless Look For a Girl’s Bedroom

26 Feb

Gone are the days of bright pink walls and gaudy frills. Today, creating a timeless look for a girl’s bedroom combines elegant interior design with a space that grows with your child. Ensure your daughter’s room stands the test of time and remains an enduring space through their formative years with this guide to creating the perfect look for a girl’s bedroom. 

Choose a classic colour pallette

Time flies, and you want every moment in your daughter’s life to be memorable. The first step in designing a room that grows and evolves with your child is to pick a colour palette that is classic, elegant and won’t go out of style.

This means neutral colour tones as a base. Bright colours should be used sparingly and in coordination with each other. There’s nothing wrong with a feature wall, but in general avoid gaudy or heavily toned paint on the walls. While a newborn or toddler won’t care too much, as your child grows, she will start to develop tastes of her own. A neutral canvas allows both you and her to experiment with what looks good without having to repaint every few months.

Keep it fun and flexible

Kids get bored easily. As adults, we see our home decor as a connection to our history, who we are are and what we like. Children are still developing who they are and discovering what they like. It’s not uncommon for parents to invest significant time and effort into the perfect bedroom for their daughter only to find down the track it’s no longer suitable for their child.

Focus on flexibility and have fun with layering. Think of your daughter’s bedroom as a series of layers. Walls and fixed furniture like built ins and windows are harder to change. Furniture can be changed, but is expensive and not always flexible. Toys, bedsheets and posters are the layers of the room that will change and evolve easily. The easier (and less expensive) it is to change, the more risks you can take with colour, shape and design. 

Pick a bed that goes with anything

Bedsheets and pillowcases can be changed to suit any season, but you’ll want your child’s bed to look great in just about any room. Stylishly modern, the Harlow Upholstered Bed comes in a both a single and a double, and the Mia Upholstered Bed has a classically understated look that is both timeless and elegant. While tastes may change, these beds will remain beautiful and functional for years to come.

Furnish with comfy, durable seating

Children grow fast. You want a chair or bean bag that they won’t outgrow too quickly, something that is portable and flexible and won’t look out of place as they get older. The Hip Kids Balloon Bean Bag is made from a super strong canvas and comes in a variety of colours. Made to last, they remain suitable for growing children and have a separate inner sack so the outer can be washed and cleaned easily.

Meanwhile, the Brady 2 Seater Bean Bag is perfect for story time. Shaped like a love seat, you’ll adore the way it stays stylish and functional for your daughter throughout the years. When friends visit for playtime, it’s perfect for watching cartoons and can be moved around the house with with ease thanks to the lightweight, durable design and carry handles. Also comes equipped with bottle holder and pocket.

Be savvy with your storage options

Kids don’t care that much about storage. They just care about what’s inside the storage. Don’t be afraid to use more versatile options like fixed wall storage units and wicker baskets. Some toy Boxes can double as a storage unit for blankets and other homewares, while the Hip Kids Manhattan Bookcase has a unique design that can easily be repurposed as storage for the shed once it’s no longer needed by your child.

Blue isn't just for boys

We’ve seen how using neutral tones as a base can turn a girl's bedroom into a canvas where both parents and children can create, but did you know that lighter blues can look great in a girl’s room, especially when matched with more traditional ‘girl’ colours like pink and yellow. In truth, colour and gender don’t really matter so much as creating a look that is both timeless and flexible to stimulate your child creatively. So don’t be afraid to use colour highlights that look fantastic, regardless.

Get creative with wall hangings

You don’t need classic works of art to make a child’s room playful and engaging. Framed prints of animals, simple paintings and wall mounted storage where favourite toys and dolls are showcased all contribute to a girl’s bedroom that feels elegant and exciting. Stenciling and wall decals are another option for adding character to the walls.

Other ideas for wall adornments include hat hangings, pretty light fixtures, book shelves, ribbons, fairy lights, jewellery hangers and stuffed animals (think monkeys hanging from their hands and tails, and other animals that wouldn’t mind hanging out on the wall).

Space for rest, work and play

For children, the bedroom is a personal space where they will engage in all sorts of activities. As they mature, so too will their hobbies, from music and photography to painting, art, computers, reading and study. The Benji Study Desk is a versatile desk that looks great in just about any room, while the Oscar Chalkboard Bookshelf is perfect for showcasing favourite books, comics, toys and mementos.

Cramming all this into a kid’s bedroom isn’t easy. Making the best use of space can challenge us creatively. Stackable toy boxes and storage that double as bedside tables are just two ways you can effectively use space in a girls’ bedroom.

Classic is timeless

When in doubt, remember that timeless doesn’t mean stale or old fashioned. A classic look is underpinned by qualities that are elegant and versatile. Layer with creative and colourful elements and turn your child’s bedroom into a place of adventure and discovery in the family home.

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