Discover the Best Educational Children’s Toys

Discover the Best Educational Children’s Toys

06 Dec

As a parent, you enjoy spending quality time with your child, watching them discover the world and being fascinated by all the new things they experience every day.

One of your most important roles as a parent is being your child's primary educator, nurturing their growth and helping them develop their understanding of the world.

Luckily for parents, there are so many brilliant educational children's toys that you can give your child to create a holistic learning environment for intellectual, social and physical growth.

With educational children's toys designed to develop cognitive, problem-solving, creative, and language skills, buying them for your child is one of the best things you can do to make learning fun.

This handy guide will reveal why you should choose educational toys for your child, the top benefits of these toys, and how to choose the best educational toys for various age groups.

Why Choose Educational Toys?

From the moment your child enters the world, their young mind is engaged as they begin to explore everything that's going on around them. In your role as your child's primary educator, one of the best ways you can encourage learning is by choosing educational children's toys for them to play with.

They won't realise they're learning as these toys are so much fun, but you'll nurture their creative thinking and problem-solving skills. You'll also see how their brains start to tick over, developing their logical thinking and fine motor skills.

Most parents love how versatile educational toys are. They'll encourage your child to discover a range of concepts such as shapes, colours, numbers and letters.

Let's explore the top educational toy benefits.

Cognitive Growth  

It's no secret that kids love playtime! And that's mainly because they get to be creative and play with their cool toys. Slip some educational toys into the mix to help enhance your child's memory, recognition and problem-solving skills. Children's educational toys (wooden building blocks, puzzles, etc.) are a fun way to help your child focus and develop the logical (step-by-step solution-solving) parts of their brain. And even before they start school, these types of toys are a fantastic tool for boosting their IQ and giving them the head start they need.

Creativity and Imagination  

How heart-melting is it to see your baby's mind start to absorb the world from the moment they're born? They open their eyes and start taking in everything around them before gazing at your face as they can finally see you. Babies have an instinctive need to discover the world, and as they grow, they'll be off – exploring everything they can get their little hands on. Learning toys designed for kids are a brilliant way to help them explore imaginative play. They'll use what they've learned about the world so far to create stories while playing with their toys.

Language and Communication Skills  

If you're looking for ways to boost your child's language and communication skills, then interactive games, stories and puzzles are the best educational toys you can buy. These toys open their vocabulary to a whole new world of sounds and words. You'll also love how much quicker their listening skills will develop! When you choose toys that encourage group play, you'll see a vast improvement in their communication skills as they learn how to relate with other children. Role-play sets (such as kitchen sets or dollhouses) are also a surefire way to stimulate your child's dialogue as they express themselves creatively, making up stories for their role-playing.

Physical Development  

Building blocks, puzzles and interactive games are some of the best children's educational toys for developing fine and gross motor skills and boosting coordination and agility. When your child's old enough, toys that require physical activity (bikes, scooters, balance bikes, sports equipment, etc.) are a fantastic way to strengthen their muscles and improve their balancing skills.

Social and Emotional Learning  

Educational children's toys will help your child develop social and emotional skills. By encouraging your child to play with others (yourself or other children), they begin to pick up on emotional cues like fun, laughter, anger, and tears. In turn, this teaches them how to be empathetic towards others, cooperate with them while they're playing, and boost their emotional intelligence. You'll find your child adapts better to various emotional triggers and learns what socially acceptable behaviour is (sharing, waiting their turn, having fun, etc.).

Choosing the Right Educational Toy  

The secret to buying the right educational toy is finding one suitable for their age group.

Here's a quick guide for choosing the best educational toys for each age group:

  • 0-2 years: Young children explore the world around them using all their senses as they begin to understand shapes, space, feel and movement. The best toys for this age group include:

o   Stacking toys

o   Pull-along toys

o   Puzzles

o   Multi-play problem-solving units

o   Wooden blocks or balls

o   Activity walkers

o   Shape sorters

  • 3-6 years: Toddlers are highly active and need toys that will capture their attention, burn off mental and physical energy, and help refine their developing motor, emotional and cognitive skills. The best toys for this age group include:

o   Balance or mini-trike bikes

o   Scooter

o   Playsets (kitchen sets, dollhouses, prams etc.)

o   Drawing easels

o   Cubby houses

o   Musical instruments

o   Climbing frames or slides

o   Rocking horses or ride-on toys

  • 7+ years: At 7+, the trick is finding toys that are not only educational but also entertaining to keep their attention (and keep them off screens!). The best toys for this age group include:

o   Cubby houses

o   Bikes

o   Scooters

o   Musical instruments

o   Art easels or chalkboards

o   Puzzles (Connetix Tiles) or board games

o   Outdoor picnic tables

o   Magnetic art or DIY creations

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When you invest in educational toys for your child, you're investing in their future, providing a fun and engaging way for your child to learn vital skills and concepts while having fun.

Designed to engage, entertain and educate, shop our range of learning toys for kids today!

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