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2 in 1 Toddler Mini-Trike with Wicker Basket White
2 in 1 Toddler Mini-Trike/Balance Bike with Wicker Basket

Best seller! ideal first bike for 1 year olds


Ride On Steel Racer Push Car Mustard
Ride On Steel Racer Push Car

Classic retro design for your little speedster!


Wooden Musical Toy Piano
Montessori Baby Walker Olive
Montessori Baby Walker

A beautiful & sturdy first walker


Ride On Steel Vintage Pedal Car Vintage Blue
Low Stock
HipKids Wooden Toy Guitar White
HipKids Wooden Toy Guitar

Perfect for your budding mini maestro


Kartotek Copenhagen Greeting Card - Rocket
HipKids Push Truck Olive
HipKids Push Truck

Perfect push toy!


Foldable Corduroy Ball Pit with 200 Balls
Low Stock
Foldable Corduroy Ball Pit with 200 Balls

Soft play sensory fun


Toddler Perspex Easel
Aeroplane Ride on / Rocker
HipKids Rocking Horses Brown
Learning Tower
Low Stock
Foldable Indoor Slide
HipKids 200 Balls (Balls Only) White/Transparent
HipKids 200 Balls (Balls Only)

Ball pit not included, balls only


HipKids Hobby Horse Brown
Musical Toy Bundle
Ball Pit Cover Grey Jersey
Ball Pit Cover


Kids Climbing Dome
Montessori Sensory Box
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Learning & Development Toys

Give them a head start in life with learning toys to develop foundational skills and the confidence to explore the...

What learning toys can help a child's development?

Puzzles, bikes, ride-on toys, blocks and stacking toys are great development toys to learn motor and problem-solving skills during playtime. These toys give them a fun and safe setting to stimulate their inquisitive minds, explain cause and effect and connect their critical thinking with how they use their body to interact with the toy.

What is the most educational toy?

Activity wagons and kitchen play sets are some of the best children’s learning toys youngsters can benefit from. They are fun and functional play centres that combine social, imaginative and constructive play to encourage creativity and express their ideas and emotions. These sets will also improve their concentration, develop their motor skills and advance their problem-solving skills.

What kind of kid’s learning toys help with cognitive development?

Learning toys are designed to help children develop specific skills. While there is no one-size-fits-all toy that will magically promote cognitive development, it’s important to give your child a variety of toys to explore a diverse skill set in a playful setting. 

Certain types of toys can be beneficial; for example, puzzles and logic games can help children develop problem-solving skills. Building blocks can encourage spatial awareness and creativity. And memory games can give kids a chance to practice their memory recall skills. 

What are some good educational toys for toddlers?

Many parents want to give their children a head start in life by providing them with learning toys that will help them grow and develop. Baby development toys that encourage crawling and standing are ideal for helping infants develop gross motor skills. Development toys that focus on shape recognition and colour matching are suitable for assisting toddlers in developing their cognitive aptitude. And since toddlers are also establishing their fine motor skills, toys that encourage grasping and manipulative play are also suitable choices. Parents can give their toddlers a solid foundation for future learning by selecting the right learning and development toys.

Why are educational toys good for children?

Educational toys are suitable for children for many reasons. These include:

  • Learning toys help them develop cognitive skills, such as problem-solving, reasoning, and memory. 

  • Advance their fine motor skills, such as eye-hand coordination and dexterity. 

  • Development toys stimulate a child's imagination and creativity. 

  • Children’s learning toys are also social; they help them transition from independent playtime to cooperative play that includes their friends. This means they can express their unique ideas and work together to problem-solve.

Learning and development toys are an excellent way for parents to bond with their children and help them comprehend the world around them.

What is the importance of toys?

Toys are great tools for self-discovery. They give children their own private space to explore different concepts and develop essential skills at a pace that suits their learning capabilities. In a fun and exciting setting, kids can use toys to learn, discover and experiment with various ideas, learn how to interact with others and relieve stress.

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