Inside Activities for Kids

18 Oct

Imagine that it’s school holidays, the weather is dodgy and everyone is stuck inside. Keep your sanity intact with this great selection of online activities that will get the children inspired to learn.

  • Steve Spangler site - plenty of messy, safe and fun experiments to keep children of all ages entertained.
  • Discovery Kids is a science based website that makes learning fun. Similar to Mythbuster labs, Discovery Kids will satisfy the most curious of youngsters.
  • Kiwi Crate - a site specifically for easy-assembly art and craft projects.
  • Lego site - Bricks and More encourages children to explore the imagination. Parents can download instructions for kid’s to build alternate structures with their Lego sets.
  • Science Bob is a site run by Bob Pflugfelder, a man with a genuine love of science. The site encourages children to conduct their own experiments and has a section to assist with research – without actually providing the answer. Kids are forced to find the answer themselves.


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