Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Kids

Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Kids

18 Dec

It is the season of gift giving and we all truly want to share wonderful meaningful gifts that express our love and strengthen the bond with those dearest to us. Choosing meaningful gifts helps to show that we really care and lets our loved ones know that we are thinking of them.

When giving meaningful gifts to children, we look for gifts that they will treasure for years to come. Not something made poorly that entertains for five minutes before being discarded forever but something to love and cherish that will provide years of joy and endless fond memories. Read on for our top picks for meaningful gifts for kids this festive season!

Meaningful gifts made to last

 There’s a reason the old school charm of vintage toys has endured for generations – because often the simplest toys are the best. Forget flashing lights and easily disposable fads. A meaningful gift never goes out of style. Created to have a genuine purpose, these items should be well designed and made for use.  Gifts that will be used for many years and kept as keepsakes can be handed down through generations, carrying heartwarming family memories.


Thoughtful, meaningful gifts are those that have been created to stand the test of time. Quality craftsmanship, sustainable materials and timeless aesthetic charm are things to look for when selecting the kind of gift that can be cherished today and for generations. Consider a beautiful doll's pram, classic rocking horse or pretty tea set.

 Meaningful gifts to inspire play

 This festive season, choose gifts to inspire and encourage hours of play such as a toy piano or musical activity table, classic pedal play or forever favourite puzzles. A beautiful toy to cuddle and love like a doll, teddy or soft furry friend will always win the hearts of little ones – and they make wonderful keepsakes to be kept close and passed down as the years go by.


Beautifully made children's furniture makes a wonderful, meaningful gift that offers years of practical use. Choose functional and stylish table and chairs or bean bags to encourage many hours of drawing, a comfortable place to spend time developing a love of reading and an appropriate place to learn and practise life skills.

 Meaningful gifts to be treasured

Whether you’re looking for a small keepsake for a loved one to hold dear or a quality well designed toy to encourage years of play and learning, Hip Kids believes in creating lifelong cherished memories. We provide you with a wonderful selection of beautiful, well designed, functional products so you can confidently select a sincerely meaningful gift for your loved one.

 Browse our range of Christmas present ideas to find the perfect meaningful gift this holiday season.


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