Wooden Toys For Kids

Our wooden toys for kids are designed to delight, entertain and stimulate your little one's senses. Visit us at HipKids and buy wooden toys online at great prices.

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50 Results




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2 in 1 Toddler Mini-Trike with Wicker Basket White
2 in 1 Toddler Mini-Trike with Wicker Basket

Best seller! from 12months old - bonus wicker basket and bike stand


Modern Chef Toy Kitchen
HipKids Toddler Perspex Easel
2 in 1 Wooden Trike / Balance Bike Natural
2 in 1 Wooden Trike / Balance Bike

Easily converts into a balance bike


HipKids Push Truck Grey
HipKids Push Truck


Wooden Baby Walker with Block Set
Toy Grocer Stand
Montessori Baby Sensory Box
Montessori Baby Walker Olive
Montessori Baby Walker

can be personalised with child's name


HipKids Montessori Ball Tracker
HipKids Toy Ramp Racer
Pretend Play Food Value Pack
Kids Climbing Dome
HipKids Wooden Shopping Trolley White
ELSA Doll House with Furniture & Doll Family Set
4 in 1 Table Top Easel
HipKids Hobby Horse Brown
HipKids Hobby Horse


HipKids Play Vegetable Crate Set
HipKids Aeroplane Ride on / Rocker
JaBaDaBaDo Wooden Parking Garage
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Wooden Toys For Kids

Wooden Toys At HipKids, we stock a unique range of wooden toys for kids of all ages including wooden puzzles...

Are wooden toys safe for babies?

Yes! Wooden toys have been popular with babies for centuries and continue to gain more popularity due to their safety toward babies. Wood is naturally safe, and most manufacturers such as HipKids use nontoxic paint or varnish. Such baby-friendly finishes are usually water-based or made of beeswax.

Another reason why they are safe for your baby is that wooden toys are much stronger than plastics. Thus, they are less likely to break into small pieces and obstruct your baby’s digestive tract. 

If your toddler loves putting things in their mouth, wooden toys are the best option for them. Did you know that wood has natural antibacterial qualities? It won’t harbour harmful bacteria as much as plastic does, which makes it safer for kids.

How do you clean wooden toy blocks?

You shouldn’t soak your children’s wooden toys in water like you would with plastic ones. Instead, you should spot clean them with a clean wet cloth. Soaking would cause the wood to get wet, swell, and change shape. It can even crack, which would be disastrous with kids.

Use mild dish soap, white vinegar or apple cider to spray the toy over, or else wet the rag and wipe the toy. You can also use any multipurpose cleaner, but be sure to dilute it with water first. 

Once you’re done cleaning, make sure it dries completely before giving it to the toddler. It's best to let it spend some time in a warm shaded place. 

You can also moisturise wooden toys now and then. To do this, use pure olive oil or beeswax polish (the latter smells delicious).

How do you take care of wooden toys?

Wooden toys sure are durable, and they can last through generations, however, they do need a little more care. The first bit concerns their cleaning: never soak them in water, but instead wipe clean with a damp cloth.

After cleaning, do not dry them in direct sunlight. It causes the finishing varnish or paint to fade away, and also takes out the natural moisture that keeps wood supple. You should also moisturise them regularly with olive oil, coconut oil, or beeswax polish.

As part of wooden care, you can to keep the toys in one of our toy boxes: a safe, cool and dry place for greater durability. 

If you have any questions about our range of wooden toys or our warranty and returns policy, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team to assist you with your questions.

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