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Wooden Toys Indoor & Outdoor

It’s well known that play is the pathway to learning. Play builds curiosity and self-esteem and encourages the use of imagination. And the exploration of interesting objects helps children develop the skills they will need to do well in school.

At HipKids, we understand the importance of play and we cater for children from toddlers to tweens with a range of enriching toys that encourage them to explore their own creativity. From retro wooden play sets to soft fluffy toys, your little ones are sure to cherish every moment and create lasting memories with their HipKids toys.

Our store was founded from a parent’s need for high-quality children’s toys that were both durable and beautiful, and since 2006 we have shared our vision with families all over Australia. Even today, our classic cubby houses and toy kitchens remain some of HipKids’ top selling products.

Our classic toy collection includes play kitchens, pedal cars and ride-ons, play food sets, wooden toy pianos, Lego storage bags and play mats, balance bikes, teepees, ride-on pony cycles, toy wheelbarrows and wagons, dollhouses, activity toys, puzzles and soft toys.

And to complement your new purchases and keep your home looking tidy and stylish, be sure to check out our range of storage solutions and toy boxes as well.

Fun and Functional: Classic Wood Toys for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The green initiative is aiming to create a more sustainable way of life for the whole world. It means making green choices that take into account the health of the environment.

It’s great that it’s taking over many industries, from food to beauty. Because consumers are more eco-conscious, companies are now forced to "go green."

Even in homes, the green initiative is alive and well. Homeowners are starting to use reusable products, for example. Parents are also choosing classic wood toys for their children rather than plastic.

Yet, that’s not all the advantage of a wooden toy. It’s better for kids all around and not only because it’s great for the environment. Keep on reading to learn why you should think twice about buying plastic toys.

1. Wooden Toys are Safer

Wood is natural; they don’t carry the same toxicity plastic toys have. The cheap ones are especially notorious for having high amounts of chemicals. Some of which might be illegal.

To give you an idea, let us tell you about phthalates, which are present in PVC materials and such. Toy manufacturers use it to improve the flexibility of plastics.

It has heavy links with cancer and other health issues. The true horror of it, though, is that this chemical is likely present in your child’s toys. With a simple touch (and a little chewing), your child becomes exposed to its dangers.

What’s worse is that it’s not the only chemical that’s lurking in plastic toys. If the plastic toy comes from a different time, like in the case of heirlooms, it might pose a higher level of danger.

There are less rigorous safety standards back then. If the risk is still present today, can you imagine how much less safe it is at that time?

Wooden toys from a good source have lesser risks of containing dangerous chemicals. That’s not the only way they’re safer, though.

They’re much harder to shatter, but when they do break, they don’t produce shards that can wound your child. They also won’t leave small parts that are choking hazards.

2. They Provide Organic Sensory Development

Sensory play is an important part of a child’s growing years. It helps the child’s brain create new connections to process different sensory information. In simple terms, it helps the child get used to different sensations through exposure.

Wooden toys contribute to sensory development in more ways than one. In particular, it helps with at least two senses: smell and touch.

Wooden toys provide have more texture than plain plastic. The grain of the wood is more “exciting” to a child than the cold and smooth feel of plastic toys. Because children love experiencing new textures, wood provides a whole other sensory experience for them.

Wooden toys also tend to have that natural smell. It’s not bad, and some can even say it smells good. Either way, they expose the child to that unique smell. This is important, especially when you don’t have much wooden stuff in your home.

wooden balance board like this, in particular, helps with the sense of balance. In short, wooden toys satisfy their inquisitive minds and sensory needs organically. 

3. Wooden Toys Promote Creativity and Imagination

Plastic toys often have a clear-cut purpose, limiting the creativity of a child. We’re not saying not all toys are like this, though. Legos, for instance, do a great job of encouraging the imagination of a child.

In general, however, modern toys do most of the playing for the child. They can move on their own, make noises, light up, and more. 

With a single press of a button, they can do one or all these things at once. These are cool features to have in a toy, but they leave little work for the imagination. A child has nothing else to do but watch, after which, he/she will move on to another toy and press another button.

Wooden toys, on the other hand, are nothing extraordinary. That’s what makes them great for kids, though.

With a simple wooden toy, children can make it anything they want it to be. A wooden block can become one of many in a stack to build castles. It can become a princess, a bed, or a horse.

Children can run wild with their imagination using versatile wooden toys. As they play with it, you can enjoy the sound of them making their sound effects, creating their dialogue, and weaving stories about how one wooden block saved 10 other blocks.

These are better things to hear rather than the loud artificial sounds from other toys. If your child has problems with too much stimulation, this is another reason to choose wooden toys.

4. Wood is a Stronger Material Than Plastic

Need we say how wood is more durable than plastic materials? It's tough against falls and impacts. It’s safe from careless handling and temper tantrums.

This means your child can play with it until he/she grows weary of it and moves on to the most interesting fad at the time. It’s susceptible, however, to scratches over time. It may also chip, especially if your child is a little forceful when playing.

Even if no one plays with a wooden toy anymore, though, you can still keep it. It stays in a good condition even if kept for long periods of time in storage. For example, the future siblings of your kid will still enjoy these eggs made out of wood.

It can also serve as a great reminder of childhood, which makes it a great display piece. However, it can also be an heirloom. Your child can pass it on to your grandchild, who will then have the privilege of playing with it.

It’s a guarantee that your future descendants will enjoy, as well. Classic wood toys are timeless and they only need the child’s curiosity and imagination to function.

A side effect of this is that you save a lot of money, too. Every time a toy breaks, you’ll have to replace it unless you’re ready to take on the fury of your toddler. With wooden toys, you don’t have to buy as many.

5. Classic Wood Toys Look Good

For some, it’s a matter of preference. With the abundance of plastic toys, there’s also no doubt that some toys can look better than wooden toys.

However, wood exudes a different kind of appeal. Wooden play toys aren’t as common as plastic ones, so the rarity itself leads to its appeal. The bare look of wood, though, is the main contributor to its charm.

It’s similar to how we perceive wood houses to be cozy and/or grand and wooden furniture to be aesthetically pleasing. It’s - as the people say - “Instagrammable.”

Wooden everything was around even before modern architecture, but still, we find them beautiful. This also speaks to the timeless nature of things made from wood, including toys.

You can’t say the same for plastic, which might not look good in a decade or even a week. Some of the cheaper varieties don’t even look good out of the box.

Another reason why it looks better on the eyes is that it brings a little bit of nature in your house. A wooden toy produces a calming effect, unlike the cold look of plastic.

6. They’re Better for the Environment

Plastic is an increasing threat to the health of our planet. Around 8 million tons of plastic makes its way to the ocean each year, where it stays almost forever because it doesn’t decompose. It’s gotten to the point that microplastics are present in different forms of aquatic life.

The ground suffers from the same fate, with flora and fauna dying from the toxicity of plastic. We’re also losing the beauty of natural coastlines, forests, and other landscapes to the mountains of non-biodegradable trash. What can we do? Plastics don’t go anywhere; it’s harmful whether it’s buried, thrown into the ocean, or burned.

The sad news is that the production of plastic isn’t stopping. It isn’t even slowing down; the forecast tells us that production will double in number by 2050.

As a consumer, one of the actions we can take is to stop patronizing plastic products. Refusing to use straws in a restaurant and instead of using a reusable straw is a small step, but it sends a message, nonetheless. Choosing to buy wooden toys instead is also one way you can help.

This also means less waste that makes it to the landfill or oceans. Like we’ve discussed above, you end up buying fewer toys because they don’t break as easily as plastic ones. You don't have to throw them away as long as they’re still in good condition.

Even if you do throw them away, they will decompose and become a part of the environment again without harming it.

Buy the Right Wooden Toy for Your Little One

Like normal toys, though, classic wood toys come in different variants. Pay attention to what your child enjoys being able to choose the right one for him/her.

We can help you pick the right ones for your child. Don't hesitate to ask us for assistance. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

All about HipKids - We Sell Awesome Wooden Baby Toys and Indoor / Outdoor Toys For Kids

HipKids is a proudly Australian-owned family business based in Melbourne. Established in 2006, we have been providing Australian families with a unique range of children’s toys, outdoor toys for toddlers, furniture as well as décor for over a decade. During that time, we have developed a strong reputation for outstanding customer service, affordable prices and our ability to source and supply the best quality products available.

Our hand-picked range our wooden toys for kids is are loved by families all over Australia, and as well as being well designed, each product we sell meets Australian Safety Standards and comes with a 1 Year Structural Warranty for your complete peace of mind.

And we’re so confident in our products that we offer our HipKids promise with everything we sell. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with your purchase, we provide a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (conditions apply).

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It’s all part of our philosophy of providing a positive shopping experience, and we’re confident you won’t find products or a store like ours anywhere else.

Give your kids the best start with HipKids

As parents ourselves, we know the rough and tumble everyday family life can bring, so we always aim to provide children’s toys, furniture and decor that meets the demands of Australian families.

We’re a proudly Australian owned business and we source and supply functional, high quality, creatively-designed products that can't be found in normal toy stores.

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