How to Set Up Kid’s Bedroom Furniture

How to Set Up Kid’s Bedroom Furniture

18 Jul

Whether you’re starting from scratch or giving your child’s bedroom a makeover, there are some important considerations when it comes to choosing your child’s furniture. Careful planning will create a space that stimulates their imagination, enhances creativity, supports learning, and represents their individual style and personality.

Decorating your child’s bedroom can be a hard task, especially when you consider that the room will need to grow and change as they mature. To make sure you don’t end up with furniture your child quickly outgrows or decides they don’t like, follow our basic tips in design. 

Flexible furnishings

Flexible furnishings means opting for furniture with simple lines. A bed that’s shaped like a race car bed is great for a seven-year-old, but not so good for a 12-year-old that’s going on 16. The simpler the design of the furniture is, the more flexible it is to grow with your child’s needs and interests. 

Take our MIA Double Upholstered Bed. Combining classic design and exceptional value, it’s available in a range of soft velvet colours that will enhance the look of any bedroom. The superb craftsmanship with no sharp edges or corners means it’s sure to be both suitable and to impress for years. 

Age appropriate layout

Children need plenty of space to move, play, store clothes and toys, entertain friends, and perform the activities they love most. Design the layout of your furniture with your child in mind. Your toddler will likely require lots of floor space for playing, while your ten-year-old may need new seating for more ‘adult-like’ activities such as studying. 

Letting kids have their say

Handing the reins over to your child might sound scary, but not letting them have their say could be worse. Kids love to stamp their own personality on their bedroom, and it pays to get them to choose one or two furnishings themselves. Keep this process simple by providing limited options of the items you know you’ll be happy to purchase. For example, show your child the range of kids sofa chairs on the HipKids website and let them choose their own quality piece. With HipKids you know they won’t be choosing anything of poor quality or design, because our furnishings are all exquisitely crafted. 

The same rule applies for colours and themes. Present them with a few options you’ll be happy with, and then let them choose their favourite. 

As for individual items, there are again considerations…

Kids beds

Comfort might not be your child’s first priority, but providing your child with a comfortable bed is a good foundation to have throughout their lives for improved well-being. Keep your child’s bedframe simple and comfortable, and then buy the latest cartoon doona cover or add some flare with colourful teddies and statement pieces.

Bookshelves and bookcases

Encourage your child to read from an early age with their very own bookshelf. Children who read for pleasure on a frequent basis generally perform better academically than kids who rarely pick up a book so make reading books easy. The right bookcase is equal parts storage, stylish design, and functionality. A good rule of thumb is to look for some low-to-the-ground storage – a height no more than three feet tall. This way your child can easily reach their books without the risk and fear of the bookcase tipping over. 


Your child is going to enjoy plenty of different games and toys over the years and leaving them on the floor is not a good idea. No storage equals a very messy and cluttered bedroom! Make a list of your child’s favourite things and start thinking about creative storage solutions that are customised to suit your child’s bedroom. Check out our full range of storage and room decor solutions for inspiration. From stackable storage units to wall-mounted baskets, toy boxes and blanket boxes, we’ve got heaps of storage solutions to choose from. 

Kids table and chairs

Be it a table for arts and crafts and drawing or a desk and swivel chair for studying, your child’s bedroom will benefit from a place to sit and get creative. Tables, chairs and desks should be strong and steady, but not too heavy. For example, our Benji Activity Table & Two Chair Set features a reversible MDF table top making it sturdy yet light and easy to move around. 

Tables, desks and chairs should also be easy to clean and especially made for kids, which will promote good posture and help them concentrate through comfort. 

Comfortable seating

Your child’s bedroom is their safe haven and a place to call their own. Give them a comfy place to sit and they’ll love to retreat to their room and pick up a book or play with their toys. Comfort can come in the form of a cosy kids sofa chairs, bean bags, a kids teepee or even a pile of cushions on a rug. Giving your child a quiet, cosy and comfortable space can also help them sleep better at night, offering an environment in which they can unwind. 

Ready to start shopping for your child’s bedroom furniture? Check out the range of quality furniture at HipKids. You can also shop the look straight from our Instagram!

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