Kids Cubby House – Turn A Simple Cubby Into Your Child’s Favourite Space!

Kids Cubby House – Turn A Simple Cubby Into Your Child’s Favourite Space!

07 Mar

6 Kids Cubby House Ideas To Super Charge Play

With the modern child spending more and more time in front of a screen, a kids’ cubby house is a great investment in encouraging your littles to venture outside. Theming a cubby house around your child’s particular interests helps them to better engage with the space. Read on for some great ideas.

1. Table for two

Budding chefs will love a kids’ cubby house that doubles as their very own restaurant or café. Whether you kit it out with a toy kitchen or use thrifted pots, pans and utensils, boys and girls alike will love preparing and serving special ‘meals.’ Incorporate a table and chairs for customers, pint-sized apron, a clipboard for taking orders and a shallow tub of water for washing up and you’ve got hours of imaginative fun for your culinary kid!

2. If you build it, they will come! 

Is your junior obsessed with Minecraft? Get them off the iPad and outside in their very own block-building oasis! Storing Lego and blocks in the kids’ cubby house encourages your little ones into the open air – and it gets the Lego off your floors. Choose a versatile play table that doubles as storage for all those blocks – because yes, they definitely multiply!

3. Artist’s retreat

Are you cramping your little artist’s creativity because of your deathly fear of glitter? You are not alone! Turn the kids’ cubby house into Crafting HQ. Install an easel, storage tubs for paper, paints, crayons and, yes, even glitter and your junior Picasso can go wild! A reversible chalkboard playhouse encourages creative expression  but with no chalk dust spread throughout the house.

4. Home sweet home

Kids learn and make sense of the world through role play so why not turn your kids’ cubby house into a little home of their own? This is the perfect place to put dolly down for a nap and a couple of potted succulents are lots of fun to water. A ride-on car or trike can be used to get to and from ‘work.’

5. I’m with the band

Kids love to make music - so why does it sound so much like your next headache? Solution: kids’ cubby house becomes a recording studio! Little drum kits, microphones and toy pianos can all take up permanent residence in the cubby. And the recorder – well, let’s agree that belongs in the bin…

6. Chill zone

What happens when your littles outgrow the kids’ cubby house? Introducing the tween/teen retreat! Floor cushions, a portable speaker and a private space to talk about stuff parents just don’t get – insert giant eye roll here. 

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