Wooden Cubby Houses for Kids

Unique & Easy To Assemble Cubby Houses

Our range of affordable Outdoor Wooden Cubby Houses are not only unique in design, but they are also available in a prefabricated panel kits which can be easily be erected by 1 to 2 people in approx 2 hours depending on which style you choose.

'Alice' Tudor Style Cubby House

'Alice' Tudor Style Cubby House

combining unique tudor design and easy assembly


ASHER Cubby House

ASHER Cubby House

made from durable Canadian hardwood timber


EMERSON Cubby House

EMERSON Cubby House

Endless hours of fun for your little ones


PIPER Cubby House

PIPER Cubby House

has large side activity window for interactive play


Our Cubbies provide your little ones their very own space to play & have fun. A kid’s cubby house provides a sense of adventure. It offers them the opportunity to use their imagination and support their play. For your kids, it is more than just a playhouse. It is a place where they let their imaginations run wild.

Apart from our best selling 'Alice', this year we have introduced 3 exciting new designs: Piper, Asher and the Emerson

Whether you decide to purchase one of our Cubby House Kits or you have purchased one elsewhere, we can help you with your play house fitout as we also stock such products as kids sofas, kids table and chairs, toy kitchens, toy pianos plus more.

Which Kids Cubby House should you choose?

Which cubbie you choose will be based upon many things. How much room do you have in your backyard? What is your budget? Where should i place the cubby? How old are your kids?

If you are going to buy a Cubbie, its one of the most expensive investment you will buy for your kids! So if you have any questions on any of the Wooden Cubbies in our range please give us a call or send us an email as we will try and assist with your questions as best we can.

Does the Emerson Elevated Cubbie need to be dug into the ground?

No. The Emerson Cubby is supported with a subfloor & verticle poles that allows them to be free standing.  This means the Emerson is suitable for rentals and can be easily dismantled & moved.

Why HipKids Cubbies are the best!
  • Firstly, our Cubbies look amazing & are very unique in design compared to others on offer in Australia!
  • Our cubbies are perfectly suited to the Australian climate
  • Easy to erect, no special tools or carpentry skills required. Just follow the instructions provided.
  • They are available in pre-fabricated panels kits so ideal for rentals as they can easily disassembled and moved if required
  • Our team is very passionate about designing cubbies, and we take great pride in producing our unique kids cubby houses.
  • We deliver Australia wide directly to your door!

Features and Finishes

Construction – Most prefabricated cubbies for sale like our cubbies are made of timber. To ensure that they are safe, our windows are not made of glass. Instead, we use Perspex, which is a clear sheet of acrylic which a crack proof.

Finishes –  Our cool cubby houses came unpainted and can easily be painted to change its appearance to complement the style of your home and suit your's and your child's preferences.

Safety – Your kids and pets will spend a lot of time inside their new play house, and that’s we make sure the materials used for our cubbies are safe. Our timbers are arsenic-free and ammonia free. Timber is treated to be more resistant to termites and other pests.

Roofing – The roofing of our cubbies are made of durable material that provides protection for a long time and make them water tight. Gable sky lights used on some of our cubbies like Alice & Emerson allow ample UV light to stream through.

Durability – HipKids cubby house's are able to withstand intense sunshine and heavy rains and we recomment you paint your new cubby as soon as its erected to protect & seal the timber from shrinking and expanding.That’s why it is important to find one that can be left in your backyard all the time. Think of a cubby house as a long term investment for your kids which can be enjoyed for years to come.

Your children will only be young for a couple of years, and they should have something to play in that will not fall apart in a month or a year. Some of the factors that you need to consider include the strength and stability of the wooden structure. Don’t waste your time and money buying a wooden cubby house that has been cheaply made and constructed


A HipKids cubbie if cared for & painted as soon as it's erected with a good quality outdoor paint will last for years to come. Ongoing,  they should be dusted on a regular basis and sprayed for spiders and other bugs.

It is also important to keep it clean all the time and keep doors & windows closed when not in use. You could buy a toy small broom and other cleaning tools for your kids, and make cleaning thier cubbie part of their play time. When the house is well-maintained, you will be able to extend its lifespan.

These are the things that you need to consider when buying a cubbie. Make sure you check out the cubbies we have for sale. At HipKids, we know what your kids want. We have unique cubbies that you but more importantly your children will surely love.

Here are some tips for decorating your cubby house:

After the cubby house is delivered and built to the specs and instructions, the fun really begins, with you and your child as you decorate it. You can decorate the house just as you like and what your child/children usually play. For boys, you can decorate it as a cafe or general store. For girls, you can also do a cafe, a nursery for her baby dolls or a house complete with all the household furniture and appliances. The possibilities are endless. This will also stimulate your creativity in doing crafts and accessorizing the place.

  • Make the colors of the house lively and colorfully inviting.  Install drapes and curtains for an authentic feel.
  • If you are on a budget in decorating the house, apply a little imagination too. Used cardboard boxes are perfect for making kitchen appliances, fixtures and displays.
  • Children love the game of shopping - so the general store/minimart is a very popular idea. Make cardboard bottles, food ingredients, meat, eggs, dairy, veggies and fruits as well as other supplies like soaps and cereal boxes and don’t forget the cash register and play money.
  • If your budget is large enough, buy wooden or plastic tables and chairs, look at fabric overruns for table covers.
  • Another great idea for the cubby house is to create a zone for different games - add a shelf for hanging clothes, mirror, table and chair for dress up, complete with vanity and makeup for authentic dress up games. A game room for boys; furnish it with different game boards, favorite toys, cars and accessories.
  • You can also do a schoolhouse for a cubby. Use one side of the cubby house for a black board, put up a shelves or book case for books, crayons, activity supplies, and a table and chair for the teacher.
  • An alternative decorating idea is to decorate the cubby house with your child’s favorite cartoon or book character. Look for pillowcases, mats and rugs as well as fabric with characters and decorate the house with these, include battery operated lamps, and other merchandise.
  • The possibilities for a theme in decorating the cubby house are endless. Boys are inclined to cars, airplanes and trucks, so why not a garage-shop. The idea of themes is to spark the child’s imagination and pretty soon he or she will take over what to do with what’s in the cubby house.
  • On the exterior of the cubby house, put potted plants on the side; your child can take care of and water them.
  • The idea of a cubby house is to create a space for your child that will nurture imaginative play, in a comfortable and relaxed environment that he or she can call her own. It’s also good to encourage and even give the child the responsibility of organizing and cleaning up the best way he or she can and maybe next time, he or she can re-decorate the house.