Construction Toys

Find safe and sturdy construction toys for your little builder. From Blocks, Tiles, Tools, Work Benches to Excavators - we have all the construction toys you're looking for here at HipKids.

Construction Toys

Encourage creativity and the development of critical thinking skills with our handpicked collection of construction toys for kids. At HipKids...

Are our construction toys safe for kids?

Having children ourselves, we understand the need for safety in every toy our children play with. Each construction toy in the HipKids range meets rigorous Australian safety standards, so you can be sure that our toys are safe for your children.

What range of construction toys do we have?

Our construction toys range from simple wooden building blocks to complete construction set toys. There are many options in our range of construction toys to suit kids of all ages.

Do construction toy sets improve kids’ productivity?

Research shows that construction toys help to improve a range of developmental skills in children from spatial awareness to fine motor skills and, as they age, problem solving. Construction toys for kids help to teach process and planning as they grow, giving them a greater understanding of what is required in order to complete a project.

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