Tiger Tribe

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Tiger Tribe

Here at HipKids, we recognise the value of meaningful, high-quality toys. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering only the best!...

Where are Tiger Tribe toys made?

These toys are designed and illustrated right here in Australia, making them one of the only local competitors to the popular European toy brands that offer high-end children’s toys. We’re proud to support one of our local small businesses, especially because it’s hard to beat the affordability, aesthetics and design of a Tiger Tribe toy!

What toys does Tiger Tribe make?

Tiger Tribe offers a huge selection of toys for every age and taste. While we aren’t able to stock their full range, our team has picked the best of the best so that you can enjoy easy access to Tiger Tribe in Australia.

Our range for younger kids includes everything from wooden toys and teethers to bath toys, flashcards and sensory items to help your little one explore. For older kids, we offer a varied collection of interactive activity kits, colouring sets and sticker books that are sure to get their creativity and imaginations flowing.

What age range are Tiger Tribe toys suitable for?

These toys are suitable for infants up to age 12 (though even older kids may enjoy the activity sets!). From thoughtful products designed to stimulate and interest babies and toddlers to elaborate art books, design kits and activity sets for older children, there truly is something for everyone at Tiger Tribe.

What makes Tiger Tribe toys special?

We don’t know where to start! Tiger Tribe offers a great collection of beautiful, functional toys for all ages, making them one of our most popular brands. Every toy is beautifully designed, made with high-end materials and easy to use. We also love how many toys utilise sustainable materials and designs, making them an eco-friendlier alternative to plastic products.

Perhaps best of all is that nearly every Tiger Tribe activity set and toy is designed for portable play. That means they’re easy to pack, move and store. Now your kid can take their favourite toy with them wherever you go, and you don’t have to worry about the hassle of transporting it!

How safe are Tiger Tribe activity sets and toys?

Incredibly safe! Every Tiger Tribe design is subjected to rigorous testing to ensure that every toy and activity set is safe for your child to enjoy (at the proper age, of course). Tiger Tribe adheres to all Australian and international safety standards, so you can feel comfortable letting your child enjoy these exceptional products.

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