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The Best Educational Toys for Kids

21 Mar

As Australian parents, we know finding things to do in the school holidays for kids can be a challenge. We want them to have fun and stay active — but also keep their minds ticking over so that they don’t get bored during the break. That's why we've curated some of the best learning toys for kids that will both excite and engage your little ones with learning opportunities throughout their holiday play! From educational games to musical toys, you'll find something here to inspire your child’s mind while having a great time during those precious days off.

Benefits of Learning Toys for Kids

While traditional toys are still great for having fun, educational toys for both preschool and school-aged children should also be considered to benefit kids' minds and development. Learning toys for kids helps to expand their imagination,  making playtime highly enjoyable, whilst also providing knowledge and skill sets that can help them in the future. With a broad array of educational toys for kids available, children of all ages have plenty of opportunities to engage with different materials, strengthening their physical and cognitive resilience.

Educational Toys to Encourage Problem-Solving

In the child's downtime, it’s important to keep your little ones entertained whilst still teaching them valuable life skills! Problem-solving, educational toys that encourage critical thinking can be an excellent way to do this. Learning toys for kids such as our classic Tumbling Tower Block Stacking Game is a popular block stack game that can be fun for the whole family the perfect way to create excitement, tension and laughs whilst getting the kids to problem solve.

HipKids Building Blocks

If your child prefers to pretend play, the HipKids Toy Cash Register will be your go-to for learning counting and communication skills. Including a scanner, credit card reader, money drawer and pretend money, this toy cash register will make your little one fall in love with playing shop.

HipKids Toy Cash Register

But, what if your little one prefers to be a little more physical when problem solving? Our Silicone Sand Play Set and Kid's Steel Ride On Excavator will have them playing for hours on end whilst strengthening hand-eye coordination simultaneously. These options are perfect toys when your little one is obsessed with learning in the outdoors in parks, beaches and in the backyard! Ensuring educational toys are suited to your kids needs is essential when keeping them entertained and thinking critically when problem-solving. With the variety of HipKids learning development and educational toys available there is always room to learn the fun way!

Kids Steel Toy Ride On Excavator

Inspire Creativity Through Art & Music Educational Toys

There’s nothing more beautiful than watching a child embrace their creativity. Educational toys for kids that aid in artistic expression, whether it’s visual art or music, are a great way to get family and friends involved in educational playtime. Our most loved artistic educational toys include the Montessori Toy Music Bundle (pieces also available separately), allowing your child to explore the world of music at their own pace for sensory learning. 

Montessori Toy Music Bundle

The HipKids Toddler Perspex Easel and the Learning Tower easel — which also aids as a kitchen helper — are both perfect for those active visual learners who love to show their drawing talent! Kids learning toys that allow creativity will be the most popular choice for your little ones at playtime, especially if they love to display the art they have created. Explore more artistic toys for kids today!

HipKids Toddler Perspex Easel

Active Toys to Provide Hours of Entertainment

Keeping your little ones active throughout an extended preschool or school break is important for the mental and physical well-being of a child. And, it doesn’t have to be playing sports in the backyard. Exploring new, educational toys to stay active is a great way to get the kids minds working as well as improve their coordination skills. 

The HipKids Curved Balance Board is a great place to start with active toys. Perfect for a bedroom or playroom, this multi-use educational toy can be used as a slide, seesaw, step, bridge or rocker to improve mental concentration, strength and coordination. Alongside this best-selling product, the Soft Play Gym is an additional playroom must for those little ones who can’t sit still. Using this indoor gym to gain confidence in their movements and active play is a great way to learn whilst still having fun!

HipKids Soft Play Gym

Active play doesn’t always mean running, jumping and sliding! Pretend play with an active element can also aid in educational development. Our collection of pretend play toys including Kid's Kitchen Sets, Market Stalls and Kids Play Sets will keep your childs’ mind and body active all day long.

Educational Toys for Kids with HipKids

With hours of entertainment ahead, kids learning toys are the perfect way to encourage the growth of your childs’ creative and imaginative abilities. From play gyms to artistic toys or musical instruments, there are plenty of activities that will introduce children to different perspectives and ways of thinking. No matter what kind of learning toys for kids you choose, it’s important that they have lots of fun! Within the HipKids community, it's our responsibility to keep their minds active and engaged during playtime! So, why not explore our full range of learning toys for kids today and keep your little ones entertained all year round?

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