Outdoor Furniture For Kids

Create a relaxing sitting area for your little one with our children's outdoor furniture collection. Explore comfy and adorable outdoor furniture for kids and order now.

Outdoor Furniture For Kids

Setting up your outdoor area is just as important for you as it is for your kids when it comes...

What type of kid’s outdoor furniture is the most durable?

All the outdoor furniture for kids that you will find in the HipKids collection is built to last. From the sturdy picnic tables to the expertly manufactured cubby houses and sun umbrellas, you can trust the durable quality of any outdoor furniture that you choose to purchase for your kids from our online store. 

What can I use for outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture for kids doesn’t need to be fancy, it simply needs to serve its purpose. Something as simple as a sandpit can provide hours of endless entertainment for your kids. A quality table setting will also allow your children to experience the fun of dining outside in a comfortable space that they can enjoy, just like the grown-ups do. 

What should I buy my child to play outside?

The sky is the limit when it comes to kids’ outdoor play equipment and outdoor play toys. The most important thing is that you choose toys and equipment that your children will like, encouraging them to enjoy more time outside. 

What equipment is needed for a playground?

Whether you’re looking to create an entire playground to rival even the greatest parks or opt for one item that provides all their fun in one, there are plenty of options available in the HipKids store. The cubby house with a slide set or a picnic table with sand is a great example of how you can add fun and functionality to your backyard playground. 

What is the most common playground equipment?

Slides, sandpits and swimming pools are three of the best options for kids’ outdoor play equipment— and all of these items can be found in our online store. Creating a playground for your child is ultimately about choosing the equipment they will enjoy most for the longest possible time. 

What is the safest playground equipment?

All kid’s outdoor furniture and play equipment in the HipKids store has been rigorously tested for safety to ensure that your child is as well protected as possible. Quality manufacturing and unique design elements mean that you can trust the equipment from HipKids to provide your child with a fun and safe experience. 

How do you get an older child to play outside?

Playing outside is fun for all ages, but there needs to be a solid reason for kids to want to do so. The best kid’s outdoor play equipment will draw your child outside to play without any coercion required from you. The equipment will speak for itself if you choose items that appeal to your child specifically. 

What is outdoor play equipment?

Outdoor play equipment for kids is anything that provides fun and enjoyment in an outside setting. This includes swimming pools, play toys, kid’s gardening equipment and much more. You can find a range of children’s outdoor play toys and equipment in the HipKids store. 

What type of playground equipment is the safest?

The safety of playground equipment for kids is measured in the potential hazards that it can produce. The best kid’s outdoor play equipment has taken these potential hazards into account and works to reduce them from the design stage through to quality manufacturing. HipKids is confident that the playground equipment available in our online store is some of the safest you will find in Australia.

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