Cubby Houses for kids - what you need to know

28 Feb

There is no doubt that you will find some of the most awe inspiring designs and styles n cubby houses for kids all across Australia. There replica houses are just perfect for the kids to have their own space to play and enjoy endless hours of fun. You have a choice of indoor and outdoor cubby houses. They have come a long way over the years where old wooden packing crates were used. These houses can be built just about anywhere from your backyard to a small tree house. Trust me here at Hipkids we have kids and our cubby houses have been roadtested by our kids!

Most cubby houses are made from wood with a polyurethane trim. And yes, they do have windows and shutters that your kids can operate easily and a whole lot of other gadgets like a doorbell, chairs or sofas, and flower pots. In addition, you will find many that include a weather vane.
Rest assured, there is an innovative and unique range to choose from.
Most houses come pre-coated with primer and painted interiors and exteriors. It’s easy to order a cubby house kit and assemble it yourself. It could make for a great DIY project for the kids. The pre-cut and pre-painted panels could be turned into a masterpiece in a matter of hours so you don’t really have to be a carpenter to set one up. The great thing is you can choose a size that just fits perfectly in your room or yard.

If the kids are a little older you could choose a cubby house with a door. Alternatively, you can avoid one with a door so that there is no danger of the kids getting their fingers caught (ouch) ....
Then there are plenty of other essentials such as a serving counter, stools, a club sofa, toy pianos, kitchen, activity tables, and much more. What’s even better is you have a choice of Alice – Tudor style cubbies that are just perfect for the girls, and Jack cubbies that can let the boys have all the fun they want as they turn it into a workshop, barn, or fire station. They come in different sizes to suit kids of every age and height.

Remember, a cubby house is a place where the kids can be free and play just the way they want as they enjoy the company of friends.
The objective is to have them engage in as much outdoor activities as possible so that it has a healthy effect on the mind and body. There’s bound to be plenty of calorie burning and loads of fresh air for the kids to enjoy! Besides, they are safe and secure and designed perfectly with kids in mind. You will find a variety of cubby houses that can either be set up on the ground or at an elevation. For toddlers, an elevated cubby with slides and stairs could be the ideal choice. Raised cubbies and cabins come with climbing frames and a range of slides, swings, and rock walls. You also have a choice of cubbies with a raised play deck or an enclosed cabin so that the kids can have their individual space.

Now that you know how good a cubby house can be for your little ones, it’s time to decide on the best place to position one at home (oh boy! here we go....)

The ideal location is close to your main home with perfect view from the living room or kitchen window. This allows you to go about your chores while the kids are at play without having to supervise them from close up. Make sure never to position your cubby in a corner where visibility is restricted. In addition, leave enough space all around so that it is easy to maintain. No matter what, the floor needs to remain dry so make sure it is slightly elevated so that rain water can drain away rather than seep in. It also lets you make use of the bottom to build a sandpit and add a slide and ladder. When it comes to decorating, you could get as creative as you desire. Make is a fun and interactive space for the kids. You could a bit overboard during the holiday season or even Halloween.

Before you do shop for a cubby house, there are a few things to consider. To begin with, the choice is overwhelming. You have just about every type from the basic cubby to excessively elaborate. However, much of your choice depends on your specific needs so take time to list your priorities. Visualize a cubby house in your garden space or the room you wish to set it up. Most importantly, position it so that the kids have a feeling of privacy although it won’t be difficult to keep an eye on them. If you choose one with a partially open front it would help you determine what’s going on without looking to intrusive. You wouldn’t like a dark home and so would the kids so make sure the cubby gets enough light with windows and doors that let the sunshine in.

Setting up a dream cubby for the kids is easy and you could think of a million more ways to spice up their little home and keep them busy.
For mums, what better way could there be to relax, knowing that the kids are having a great time while you go about your chores without having to worry.

They make the perfect gift for the kids and of course, they would love a ‘roof of their own’ albeit all the hassles of adulthood. You will find an amazing range of cubby houses at a number of online stores. Go ahead and set up a dream home. The smile on their face and the endless hours of enjoyment are something truly priceless. You too can have loads of fun setting up the perfect cubby house without the need to spend a fortune. Remember, there is a choice of eco-friendly designs so that you end up with a fabulous cubby house in every sense.

What else can we say? We love Cubby Houses - we love kids... we love life.

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