Designer cubby houses

June 17, 2014

Designer cubby houses


Designer cubby houses

Are you in the market for a Cubby House? If so check out the fantastic range available through Hip Kids! A common image when thinking of cubby houses is of a lean to, home constructed wooden structure. This might also conjure up a picture further down the track of splinters, spiders, or a garden eye sore. Thankfully Hip Kids’ cubby houses are far from that image.  

Cubby House  

The Hip Kids’ range includes 3 fabulously designed cubby houses:

  1. Mini Alice – a fabulous prefabricated kit which is easily assembled without any specialist skills needed. The stylish Tudor design cubby is ready to paint in your choice of colours to individualise to your child’s taste. It has 3 windows fitted with Perspex for safety, as well as an attic skylight. The unique split door will be a hit with the kids and the pretty as a picture planter box will finish it off perfectly when filled with flowers.
  2. The Alice – this cubby house is the big sister of the Mini Alice. The Alice is larger in size, with windows either side of the front door. This makes it roomier and allows for more children inside comfortably. The shingled asphalt roof, tops the cubby off beautifully. Made from Fir wood (part of the Pine family) your Alice cubby will delight youngsters for years.
  3. Jack’s house – While this cubby will thrill both genders it is one often chosen for boys. The large double front doors open wide and every little boy can indulge in their “fire station” or “stable” role play.

After assembling your cubby you could decorate with some of the other fun Hip Kids furniture items to make it a great place for your kids to hang out. The other great thing with these cubby houses is that if you move you can simply disassemble your cubby and move it with you. All you need is a power screw driver and an hour or so.

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