Fine Motor Activities You Can Do with Your Child

December 19, 2013

Here are some holiday activities that you can do with youngsters to help them improve their fine motor skills while having fun and being creative. They all make use of decorations and items left over from birthdays and other holidays, so make sure in future that you don't throw them away once the party's over!

Streamer weaving

Use your child's baby gate as a loom and weave colourful streamers in and out of the bars. Sit on one side of the gate with your child on the other side and pass the streamers to one another. Your child can weave the streamers in and out by herself once she sees how it is done.

Card making

Use old cards and coloured paper to make new cards for other occasions. Paper punchers that make fun-shaped holes in card are also great craft tools to use for this, and kids love them.

Cutting string

If you have helium balloons on long strings left over from a party, your child may enjoy cutting the string into pieces. LalyMom recommended checking that all the cut pieces are gathered up after playing to prevent them from becoming a hazard, especially if there are younger children in the house.

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