Get Ready For Big School With The Best Kids Chairs And Desks!

01 Jan

If you have children who are about to enter that brave new world known as ‘school’, you’ll need to be looking into providing them with a great study space. This includes the right desk set up and kids’ chairs. With the right basics in place, you’ll be encouraging good habits and fostering a strong work ethic when it comes to homework and academics. With Hip Kids’ brilliant range of table and chair sets and computer chairs and desks that are especially designed for children, the study space you create will not only be incredibly comfortable – it’ll be fun! For handy hints and tips on how to choose the best desk and kids’ chairs for your little academic, read on!

What to look for in kids’ furniture

  • Ensure that the furniture you buy is designed especially for children. Adult furniture is too large for little bodies, and it often isn’t the right shape to properly support growing bodies. If at all possible, you should have your child try a chair before you buy. If it isn’t possible, use their height as a rough guide. Remember, an adjustable desk chair offers a world of versatility!
  • Go for comfort. Your child will be spending a fair amount of time at their desk in the coming years, so it’s incredibly important that they’re comfortable. You need to make it a place that they actually want to be. Children are far more likely to be open to learning and to pay attention if they’re comfortable, and there are a few ways you can ensure this happens. Firstly, make sure that your child’s feet touch the floor when they sit back in the chair. Secondly, make sure that the space between the seat of the chair and the underside of the desk allows enough space for your child to fit their legs comfortably under the table. You’ll also want to ensure that the table is low enough that they can easily rest their elbows. Remember, the height of the table, the height of the chair seat, and the age of your child are your main focus when looking for comfortable desks and kids’ chairs.
  • Plan carefully for storage. As your child grows, so will the volume of their homework. Unless you want to be replacing their furniture yearly, you’ll need to plan ahead to ensure they have enough space. Think about smart shelving solutions, or desks with drawers.

What we offer

If you’re looking for kids’ desks and chairs that are supportive, comfortable and look great in any room, you can’t go past the Hip Kids range.

Kids Parker Computer Desk Chair

Stylish, comfortable, and very sturdy, this computer desk chair is especially designed with your little one in mind. They’ll be comfortable while they’re hard at work or play. Available in a wide range of colours, it’s able to be adjusted as they grow.

Soho Study Desk

This great desk will suit your child right from prep to early adulthood. It comes with a drawer and two moveable storage boxes, making it perfect for any study space. Swap out colourful stationery and desk tidy equipment to update the look as your child moves through their school years. Kids’ chairs need to be supportive enough to look after a growing spine, while comfortable enough to appeal during long hours of book time. Choose wisely to get your child off to a great start at school!

For stylish kids’ chairs, kids’ desks and more more great furniture and toy ideas, check out Hip Kids’ great range today!

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