Kids Bedroom Storage | Back to School Means a Fresh New Start

Kids Bedroom Storage | Back to School Means a Fresh New Start

11 Feb

Kids Bedroom Storage | Back to School Means a Fresh New Start

Whether your kids have just gone back to kindy or pre-school, or they’ve made the transition into big school, appropriate kids bedroom storage is key to a successful and organised home.


Why is kids bedroom storage important?

Being organised and allowing for key spaces designed for specific purpose helps your kids bedroom or toy area transform from chaos to calm. A sense of peace follows when clever, beautifully designed storage pieces are employed. There is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. This is particularly important when your children are beginning the next phase in their education. There must be a place for stationery. A place for artworks and projects. A place for hats, bags, notes coming home and work going out. Without organisation, things can slip through the cracks and that sense of peace and calm you’re so longing for can be out the window faster than you can say, “Where’s your left shoe gone?” With that in mind, here are the range of items in the Hip Kids catalogue that can transform your ‘back to school’ chaos into ‘we’ve got this’ calm.


Kids Bedroom Storage for back to school – Bookshelves

A bookshelf can quickly organise and de-clutter any kid-friendly space. All of the favourites will be on display and your child can add their school books to the collection as well. Be it book rack, caddy or stand-alone, you can also store other vital items on the shelf like important notes or sunscreen. Bookshelves are a vital organisation tool and, when they’re stylish, can really set an aesthetic tone for the rest of the room. Gorgeous white, wooden accents and smart storage are key.

Shop our range of kids bookshelves here.

Kids Bedroom Storage for back to school – Clocks

Learning to tell the time? Trying to establish routine? Looking to continue the excellent work done by educators? A beautiful clock on the wall, which children can read and follow, presents as the perfect accent to an organised sense of design.


Shop our range of kids clocks here.

Kids Bedroom Storage for back to school – Rugs and Playmats

A beautiful addition to a play room or bedroom and the chance to unwind with a bit of creativity and fun. Rugs that double as educational inspiration (like the LEGO playmat or the World Rug Mat) serve the dual purpose of being fun and functional.

Shop our range of rugs and playmats here.

Back to school is a fresh new start

As your children move into their next phase of learning, seize the opportunity to enhance organisation as well as style and aesthetic. You’ll be looking forward to Mondays from now on!

Shop now for kids bedroom storage. Yes, we have Afterpay!

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