Oscar – award for the best table

February 25, 2014

Oscar – award for the best table

As parents we all understand the need for our children to be able to express themselves. This expression extends beyond the verbal. Kids love to draw, play and build and all of these activities help children grown and learn. In a busy household finding space to allow this expression without it taking away from other needs in a given area can be a juggle. A child’s own space with an area to play and draw can become a haven. No longer do you have to clear away a space for their activities. It also helps to contain the sometimes accompanying clutter or spill, to a specific place. A dedicated activity and arts table can be the solution to this dilemma. The inclusion of a blackboard for art expression and shelving for storage is a bonus as your child can begin their play without unpacking items stored in different parts of the home. A flat surface is perfect for board games, painting and drawing, a solid building platform and more.  

Hip Kids’ OSCAR play table
OSCAR play table

Hip Kids’ OSCAR play table is made with all these inclusions in mind. The table helps restrict your child’s activity from spreading all over your house. It also provides a neat and tidy storage place for items children use in their creative endeavours. As well, our stylish unit is on castor wheels so can be moved around to suit the circumstance. Fantastic deep storage drawers provide ample room for painting supplies, books, building blocks and more. Easy access when the child needs things makes play tasks less stressful as all the components are at hand.  

Another advantage of a dedicated storage and workspace is that your children can learn to clean up after themselves. A place for everything and everything in place can be a valuable lesson extended to other areas of the home. Encourage your children to pack away neatly and clean up. 

Your child’s health and safety are paramount and our storage tables use non-toxic lead free paint and have a sturdy construction. Your kids can enjoy years of contained pleasure without the mess and hassle. Tables are available in blue, pink, red, and white to go with your home décor.

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