Ride On Imaginary Play Car Wash - Craft For Hip Kids

July 01, 2019

Ride On Imaginary Play Car Wash - Craft For Hip Kids

 Ride On Imaginary Play Car Wash


Kids love ride ons and we can have such fond childhood memories ofpedal cars,bikesandscooters

You can encourage and develop your child's imagination and learning as well as enjoying the sunshine and outdoor play with our pretend play Car Wash. 

The kids all LOVEDriding their bikes and scooters through the pretend Car Wash, it was so much fun to make together and we left our pretend Car Wash up for days.  The neighbours even grabbed theirhelmetsand came and joined in on the fun.  Such a wonderful way to make learning fun and we created lots of wonderful memories.

 Ride On Imaginary Play Car Wash

With only a few things, and a few minutes you can have a fabulous no messride on imaginary Car Wash too.  You could also take all yourpull and push toys through your dry pretend play Car Wash for even more imaginary fun. 

You’ll need:

Cardboard. Big transporting boxes would be great, empty fabric roll cardboard or even packing boxes. 

Blue streamers. We found a pack of multi coloured blue party streamers for a very economical price. You could use plastic table cloths cut up but paper streamers can be recycled. 

Scissors or craft knife to card the cardboard. 

Masking tape. We used paper masking tape in blue. 

Paper and crayons for your Car Wash sign. 

We also used:

Two chairs to raise the height of our car wash for the scooter riders.

Bucket, sponges and towels for our pretend washing. 

 Ride On Imaginary Play Car Wash

To make:

You’ll need to make a frame.  We had different pieces of dense card that we laid flat and taped it all together using our masking tape.  Make sure it's wide enough and tall enough for any car wash visitors. We had to tape ours to some chairs for some taller scooter riders. 

Next we made long lengths of our streamers and taped them to the top of our frame.  This is the pretend water you have to ride through. Lots of blues with some overlapping will make this lots of fun, the kids loved riding through the streamers. 

Gather some buckets, towels and sponges so you can give a fullride ons pretend full detail wash. 

Don't forget to make a sign and tape it to your Car Wash!  

 Ride On Imaginary Play Car Wash

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