Stick ‘em up! – Wall sticker fun

13 Nov

When decorating a child’s room parents often get caught with the dilemma of how long the chosen style will be suitable. Thoughts jump ahead a few years as to whether the cute pink fairy themed room will be quite as desirable to a young teenager. Will the cowboy brown room with the cactus bedcover be appropriate when a male child is into alien play?

Stimulating environments

We want our child’s bedroom to be sanctuary but also be visually stimulating and a fun place to hang out. One way we can cater for changing tastes is with the inclusion of wall stickers. The great advantage here is the temporary nature of stickers and ease of change when desired. No longer are you stuck with the one scheme and the possible cost of updating in line with your child’s changing interests.

Having a fairly neutral wall palette will enable the use of decals to brighten up the room or create a mood. Today’s stickers are easy to use. They are often able to be attached to different materials so you are not limited to walls. Consider placing decals on windows or furniture or across both so you can extend the imagery. If your budget allows you can dress the room up to match the wall stickers but you can certainly do things the other way around to add dimension to the room as it stands.

Books to add to the mood Add other items to your child’s room to enhance the theme created by the wall stickers. Books based on the same theme will help immerse the child into the feel as will toys. Here are some examples:

- Jungle wall stickers

– add some plush jungle animal toys and books such as Jazzy in the Jungle by Lucy Cousins or Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett - Forest wall stickers

– add green elements into the room and books like Bear says Thanks by Karma Wilson or The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson.

- Treehouse wall stickers

– add some lovely twinkle fairy lights for effect. Include some books like Magic Treehouse Collection by Mary Pope Osborne; this also comes in audio.

Creating the whole environment can be simple and result in a bedroom your child will enjoy for years. And when he or she outgrows it, you can remove the wall stickers with little effort or cost.

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