What Are Toddler Beds Anyway?

November 10, 2017

What Are Toddler Beds Anyway? 

It’s time to do the transition from the cot to a ‘big bed’, but it’s leaving you a bit perplexed. Do you move your child from their cot into a standard sized kids’ bed or should you try a toddler bed? Most importantly, what’s the difference?

It’s actually pretty simple. A toddler bed is essentially the same size as a cot but without the guardrail. A typical kids’ bed will be a single, or king single, based on standard sizing, and also with no guardrail.

Which option you choose may depend on the age of your child, the size of your child’s bedroom, or simply personal preference.

Why wouldn’t I buy a toddler bed? 

It seems logical that if you have a toddler, you should buy a toddler bed. But there are several reasons why many parents prefer to go straight to a single bed for their child.

  1. Kids can quickly outgrow toddler beds.
  2. Some kids can find it uncomfortable in a smaller bed, particularly if they tend to wriggle around in their sleep.
  3. A toddler bed leaves no room for a parent to snuggle up at story time, or a friend to share the space at play time.
  4. If safety is an issue, it’s still possible to add a guardrail onto a normal single bed and remove it as the child gets older.

Parents from one online parenting forum seem to agree…

“We went straight from a cot to a single bed and put a rail on the bed. They would only be in a toddler bed for a year or 2 I would imagine, so would think this would be a waste of resources.”

“We bought a toddler bed for DS2, but he hardly slept in it… I think that he moves around quite a lot and was banging into the hard sides of the toddler bed and waking up. The single bed is wider, and he can move around without banging into anything as easily.”

“To me, toddler beds seem like such a waste of money. We have always used a single bed with a side railing, so they don't fall out.”

When are children ready to move into a toddler bed? 

Most children are ready to go from a cot to a bed at around the age of two. According to this survey, many children are ready to move from a toddler bed to a single bed at around age three; so that’s only one year’s use of a toddler bed.

All children grow and sleep differently, which can also impact the type of bed they sleep in. However, consider the money you could save if you skip the toddler bed altogether. This money could be invested into a beautiful bed that will last your child into their teens, or a high-quality mattress, which might in fact be the first and last you’ll ever buy for your child.  All it takes is a couple of guardrails on a single bed or king single to ensure a safe, smooth transition for your growing little one.

Toddler beds are handy if you have a smaller nursery, or if you have siblings who can use the bed as the first child grows up. However, a sturdy, stylish single bed may actually be a smarter investment.

Deciding between a toddler bed and a single bed? Check out our impressive range of kids’ beds today!

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