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Which is the Best Kids Toy Kitchen?

16 Mar

If your children are itching to get in the kitchen and help with dinner, but you don’t want something going wrong, then it might be time to add a play kitchen to their toy collection. With so many kids kitchens to choose from it can be hard to know which play kitchen is best.

Let's take a look at the factors you should consider when choosing a toy kitchen, as well as our top picks for the best play kitchen and kids kitchen accessories! Whether your child is an aspiring chef or just wants to play pretend, read on to find the perfect toy kitchen for them!

What are the benefits of a toy kitchen for children?

Playing with kids kitchens can have a host of benefits for children. Toy kitchens offer a unique way for kids to explore life skills like cooking and cleaning. They can also aid in developing their social communication skills and boosting their learning abilities when it’s time to enter a real kitchen! 

Using toy kitchens as a pretend play tool can also encourage problem-solving, planning and imagination. Starting their own mini cafe, serving customers and cooking up a storm are all pretend play scenarios that can benefit children, especially when playing with siblings or friends. Creating fun and engaging playtimes with a kids kitchen and accessories will allow your little ones to create lasting memories.

Why choose a wooden play kitchen over a plastic option?

When it comes to choosing a play kitchen, materials can make a large difference. At HipKids, we opt for wooden play kitchen sets to allow for a more durable play kitchen with a classic design that can stand the test of time. Wooden play kitchens are perfect if you have multiple children and want a contemporary design that will complement any kid's playroom or preferred colour palette. All in all, you can make any child happy with wooden play kitchens!

Choosing the best wooden play kitchen for your child’s needs

The best play kitchens and kids kitchen accessories can be found at HipKids of course! With many options available there is something for every child in our range of kitchen toy sets, suitable for ages 3 and above. To make the choice a little easier we’ve compiled our most popular and highest-rated play kitchens below!

Gourmet Toy Kitchen Set

Our Gourmet Toy Kitchen Set has it all! This standalone kids kitchen is complete with a 4-burner cooktop, oven, sink, and dishwasher as well as a matching toy fridge. Additionally, all doors and knobs work as a normal kitchen would (without the real food and running water of course). It’s safe to say your little one will be a head chef in no time!

Kids Gourmet Toy Kitchen Set

Modern Chef Toy Kitchen

If your little one wants a kitchen that is as close to real life as possible, the Modern Chef Toy Kitchen is for you. With similar features to our Gourmet Toy Kitchen Set, this modern kitchen is fitted with an additional microwave and extra temperature, time and cooking stickers on the oven that would be included in a real kitchen. Plus, with extra storage on the top and bottom shelves, any kids kitchen accessories can be used and put away all at the same station. Now, who’s ready to cook?

Modern Chef Toy Kitchen

2-in-1 Kitchen / Cafe

If your child loves to play shop but also wants to play pretend chef, the 2-in-1 Kitchen / Cafe is here! On one side, you have a modern kids kitchen complete with a 4-burner cooktop, oven and under-sink storage. Then, let them enjoy serving their friends and family with the cafe set up on the other side. With 3 large angle shelves to display food, chalkboard panels (to show what food is on sale) and a countertop for customers to relax at, this kitchen will be their favourite space to play pretend.

2 in 1 Toy Kitchen and Cafe

Mud Kitchen

Does your little one love a more rustic look? Maybe they love to cook outside in the sunshine? Well, if this is the case, then our Toy Outdoor Mud Kitchen will be the perfect choice for your child! With two sinks, a 4-burner cooktop, a handy storage shelf and a double-sided blackboard to write all their favourite dishes, this Mud Kitchen will keep them entertained for hours.

Toy Outdoor Mud Kitchen

Let them get Creative in the Kitchen with Toy Kitchen Accessories

Now, there’s no point playing in a toy kitchen without kids' kitchen accessories! If this is your first time choosing a play kitchen for your little one, you might also like to include wooden play food toys for the ultimate cooking experience. 

The HipKids Play Vegetable Crate Set will have your kids chopping, peeling and cooking vegetables in no time. Alternatively, get their baking skills going with our Wooden Play Eggs & Carry Tray! And, an afternoon play isn’t complete without a Wooden Tea Set — the perfect way to enjoy their next tea party with friends. 

Whatever food toys your little one needs, we have it all! Explore our full collection of food toys here.

It’s time to choose your little one’s HipKids Kitchen Toy Set!

There’s one thing we know — kids love to play in toy kitchens! Encouraging imaginative play, learning through pretend cooking and valuing the importance of organisation and cleaning are all benefits children can obtain from playing in a kids kitchen. When choosing your little ones’ chef haven, ask them what they love most about being in the kitchen and go from there. Now, who's ready to start cooking?

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