Connetix Tiles

Open-ended toys to help develop a child's imagination & creativity. Shop Hip Kids Connetix Tiles, they grow WITH the child. Buy now, pay smarter with Openpay!

7 Results

7 Results




7 Results

Connetix Tiles 100 Piece Set
Connetix Pastel Ball Run Pack 106 Piece
Connetix Tiles 120 Piece Pastel Creative Pack
Connetix Tiles 62 Piece Set
Connetix Tiles 212 Piece Mega Pack
Connetix Tiles 24 Piece Set
Connetix Ball Run Pack 92pcs
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Connetix Tiles

Founded to provide children all over Australia with high-quality and unique toys, HipKids is committed to curating a selection of...

Where can I buy Connetix Tiles in Australia?

From their smaller sets, including the 24, 30 and 63 magnetic tiles piece sets to their 2 piece car pack, ball run pack and their large magnetic tile with more than 200 pieces, HipKids stocks a wide range of Connetix Tiles in Australia. To order a pack, simply select the toy of your choice, add it to your online cart, checkout and pay through our website and enjoy fast shipping straight to your home. It’s as easy as that.

What age are Connetix Tiles for?

One of the best things about Connetix Tiles is that there is no age limit or most suitable age for kids to play with their range of toys. Open play, which is what Connetix magnetic tiles encourage, is a type of play that kids never grow out of. As your child grows and develops, their ideas and use of their tiles will change. Using their newly acquired spatial awareness knowledge and developed fine motor skills, their constructions and ideas will adapt to create more complex creations.

Why should I choose Connetix Tiles?

Connetix magnetic tiles and the rest of their unique children’s products, are not only fun and entertaining for children of all ages, but they also help children learn important social and cognitive skills. From spatial perception to fine motor skills, teamwork, the concept of gravity and, most importantly, creativity, children never stop learning and developing through play with their Connetix Tiles. 

In addition to the essential skills that your child develops when playing with Connetix magnetic tiles, you can also rest assured that these toys are safe and will bring no harm to your little one while playing. Inspired by the lack of updated and safe magnetic tiles available for children, the designers of Connetix Tiles made their own products from non-toxic ABS plastic — sealed and durable for a lifetime of safe, fun learning.

Are Connetix Tiles good for children?

Yes! Playing with Connetix magnetic tiles helps children develop and learn through fun — no matter their age. Playing with 3D tiles helps children learn spatial perception, mathematical and scientific concepts and develop fine and gross motor skills. As they learn these important skills, you’ll notice that their constructions and creations become more complex and creative — building on the experiences and skills they formed from previous Connetix Tiles play sessions.

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