Kids Toy Kitchen Play Sets

Quality wooden fruit set, incl. carry bag $32.95
Pieces can be cut & held together by velcro $32.95
Set includes spoon & spatula $29.95

Solid birchwood & chalkboard sides $229.95

A collection of ten iconic aussie toy biscuits! $44.95

Ideal for budding little fruiterers $159.95
Perfect for baking imaginary treats $74.95

Scales adjust as items are added to tray! $39.95

Perfect for imaginary play Sold Out

Kids Toy Kitchen Play Sets

At HipKids, our toy play kitchens and accessories are small in size and big on fun - perfect for the junior chef in your life!

Our retro-inspired wooden kitchens are designed especially for little people and will encourage them to get creative during play time and let their imaginations run wild.

Why are HipKids toy kitchens the best?

All of our kids kitchens are made from high quality materials and are designed to look and feel as realistic as possible. Unique features of our toy kitchens include

  • Doors that open, taps that swivel and knobs that click
  • Lead-free, non-toxic paints that give a beautiful finish while ensuring your child’s safety
  • A range of great colours to choose from, including vintage-inspired pink, blue, red and white or sleek brown and silver for a more modern commercial look
  • An awesome range of pretend play food sets sold separately, which make the perfect addition to your HipKids toy kitchen.

5 benefits of playing with kids wooden kitchens

Imaginative play is highly beneficial for kids aged from two to seven years and helps them develop skills that will be crucial in later in life.

Role play allows them to rehearse real life situations in a safe, non-threatening environment and it can also teach them basic skills in areas they might be interested in or have an aptitude for, such as cooking. 

It also encourages them to exercise their creativity and learn social, cognitive and practical skills, all while having loads of fun.

Helps teach letters and numbers

When they start kindergarten, your child will be expected to have at least a tentative grasp of the alphabet and the ability to count to ten and the best way to get them started on their letters and numbers is through imaginative play.

Toy ingredients in their play kitchen can be used to help your child recognise letters, while recipes with certain numbers of ingredients can be used to encourage them to count.

Develops dexterity

Dexterity and fine motor skills can help with everything from tying shoes to holding a pencil. Playing with a range of small objects in their toy kitchen can help your kids practise these habits.

This kind of dexterity becomes subconscious over time, but in their early years these skills have to be learned and practising them during imaginative play is always beneficial.

Increases visual recognition

When it comes to teaching shapes and colours, it's best to start with familiar objects and to use a hands-on approach. Toy kitchens offer the perfect opportunity to do both at once.

As your child selects from their kitchen set accessories, ask them to identify shapes and colours or request certain objects based on shape or colour. You can build the language of colour and shape into their vocabulary by using descriptive words when you play.

Encourages communication and teamwork

When group play is structured around something like a wooden toy kitchen, chances are tasks will be delegated and goals will be set. Whether one child is the head chef or everyone is equal, the kids will need to work together to get the job done.

Communication is key and imaginative play is the perfect space for trial and error. If communication doesn't go well or goals aren't met, the kids will learn about why that is frustrating and maybe even learn to problem solve as a result.

Boosts confidence in creativity

A toy kitchen allows your child to come up with fun, creative ideas in a safe environment. It can also encourage them to execute creative projects like coming up with recipes and a menu and imagining themselves as the successful head chef of a restaurant.

When they feel like they've accomplished something that they came up with on their own, they will feel more confident in their future creative endeavours.

Ready to get cooking?

As a family business run by parents, we know all about the rough and tumble of normal daily life, so you can rest assured that we only carry products that are made to stand up to the demands of the average Aussie family.

And everything we stock includes our exclusive HipKids promise – that means if you aren’t happy with your purchase, we offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and will refund your money or exchange the item for something of equal value (conditions apply).

If you live in Victoria, you can drop into our Balwyn showroom for a closer look at our range or alternatively, you can shop online from anywhere and have your items shipped direct to your door.

So buy your kids toys they’ll not only learn from, but also want to play with. Check out our great range of toy kitchen play sets at HipKids, where every purchase is a fun and positive experience.




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