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Kip and Co

Taking local design to the next level, Kip & Co is a bright and colourful Australian lifestyle brand that is...

How did Kip & Co start?

Born in 2012 during a dreary Melbourne winter, Kip & Co is the brainchild of sisters Kate Heppell and Hayley Pannekoecke as well as their best buddy, Alex McCabe. The three lovely ladies have been housemates, travel buddies, wing ‘men’, bridesmaids, and now — business partners. Over the years, they have dabbled in careers like naturopathy, accounting, law and at one point in time, they were even owners of their own health food store and yoga studio. 

Bringing to the table a diverse skill set and love for all things art, health and style, Kip & Co represents a pure, collective passion for colour, fun and the lighter side of life. Their pride and joy, Kip & Co, started out as a bright, colourful bedding brand that has now developed a huge cult following — pushing the girls to expand into a fully realised, vibrant lifestyle concept.  

Today, Kip & Co is taking over with its distinctly fun and stylish aesthetic evolving into homeware and apparel collections that are intended to bring joy to every room and family member. 

How do I care for Kip & Co apparel?

When you choose to shop at Kip & Co, we want you to be able to make the most of your products. Because of this, we work collaboratively with each of our suppliers to determine the best possible care instructions for each item. Please be sure to take the time to read and follow the instructions that come with your purchase so you can extend the longevity of your items. 

With our Kip & Co apparel, we use a diverse range of premium materials which means the care instructions will differ from item to item. For example, we use French flax linen in many of our garments because it's the best quality in the world. To maintain its beautiful crisp and buttery feel and to help the fabric to continue to soften over time, we recommend hand washing or doing a separate, gentle machine wash. 

As a carbon-neutral and environmentally conscious company, we encourage you to ditch the dry cleaning as many of our products can be cared for just fine at home. 

Are we an official Kip & Co stockist?

Yes! At HipKids, we only stock products from brands we truly believe in — and Kip & Co is no different. Through our use of proven, reputable manufacturers, we are able to provide parents like us with an exclusive collection of premium quality children’s toys that aren’t able to be found in regular stores. Discover our impressive range of other children’s products like backpackspuzzles and cubby houses. We’re very selective about what we offer under the HipKids brand – and feel immensely proud to deliver our Kip & Co range online

If you have any queries or feedback, please feel free to contact us via email or phone (03) 98168588 and our friendly staff will be happy to help. Prefer to browse in person? Come in and visit our Melbourne showroom Monday to Friday between 9:30 am - 3 pm or Saturday 9:30 am - 1 pm. 

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