Musical Toys

Improve your little one's sensory development with delightful toy musical instruments from our range. Browse musical toys online and order now with AUS-wide delivery.

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20 Results




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Wooden Musical Toy Piano
HipKids Wooden Toy Guitar White
HipKids Wooden Toy Guitar

Perfect for your budding mini maestro


Musical Toy Bundle
Loog Mini Guitar
Low Stock
Loog Mini Guitar


Wooden Toy Guitar Grey
Moover Musical Tap Tap
Moover Musical Tap Tap


Djeco Animambo Drum-
Djeco Animambo Bongo Drums
Wooderful Life Multi Rotate Music Box - Ballerina
Egg Shakers White
Egg Shakers

The perfect size for little hands


Wooderful Life Double Up & Down Music Box - Horses Carousel
Flip Over Triangle Musical Set By Ever Earth-
Wooderful Life Double Go Around Music Box - Safari Park
Wooderful Life Round & Round Music Box - African Safari
Low Stock
Wooderful Life Up & Down Music Box - Outer Space-
Wooderful Life Unicorn Carousel Music Box
DJECO Ballerina Music Box
Wooderful Life Ferris Wheel Amusement Park Music Box
HipKids White HipKids Maracas
White HipKids Double Ended Maraca
Musical Toys

Kids Musical Toys & Instruments Your budding musician will be the star of the show with one of our beautiful...

Can musical toys help inspire my child?

Yes, musical toys can help inspire your child.

From babies to toddlers and all the way to up big kids, exposure to music has proven developmental benefits.  Music is an activity that helps the body and the mind work together.

Encouraging the use of musical toys for kids doesn’t only help inspire your child musically, but allows them to develop the skill set required for general day to day life too.  From intellectual skills such as language and literacy to physical skills such as the fine motor skills required for writing, music can have a hand in them all.

Music encourages artistic development and offers your child the ability to express themselves in ways that aren’t available via other forms of art or play.

What kind of instruments do we stock?

At Hipkids, we stock a wide range of musical toys for kids.  By offering a diversity of musical instruments to your child, they’ll be sure to let you know their favourites soon enough.

For younger children in the toddler age bracket, we have a selection of percussion instruments such as drums, xylophones, macarenas and other shakers that are perfect for their level.

But once your child gets a little older, one of our classic instruments like a children's piano or guitar will no doubt be a hit in your house.

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to encouraging kids to make music so why not browse our selection on the page above and make the decision that most stands out to you.

What age are musical toys suitable for?

Musical toys are suitable for children of all ages.

Think of it this way.  When your child gets older, musical toys simply transform into musical instruments.

It’s never too early to expose your child to the world of music through musical toys for babies.  Playing music for babies has even been proven to speed up the process of learning to speak.  

As kids then get older and start to dance to the music they play or create, they get all of the associated balance and coordination skills that come along with it.  There are so many more benefits to music than simply creating sounds.

Just remember that every child has different tastes just like you, so expose them to a wide range of musical toys and allow them to find their own styles and interests.

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