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Olli Ella Rattan Bunny Luggy with Lining - Pansy
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Olli Ella Dozy Dinkum Doll - Moppet
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Olli Ella

Founded by two Australian sisters, the Olli Ella brand draws inspiration from their nomadic childhood spent travelling around Australia and...

What age is Olli Ella for?

Olli Ella crafts plush toys and accessories suited to babies from 0-2 and adorable Olli Ella dolls, play packs, bags and baskets for ages 3-6.

What is Olli Ella made of?

All Olli Ella products are crafted from sustainable and organic products, from sun-dried rattan and straw to 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and quality wool. Using cotton fabric producers from Chennai, India, the Olli Ella team collaborate with skilled seamstresses to incorporate recycled materials and upcycled fabric off-cuts into their fabric manufacturing. The rattan is sourced in Vietnam and naturally air-dried and brushed with water-based paint to ensure that the Olli Ella baskets, bags and luggy trolleys remain toxin-free.

Where is Olli Ella made?

Olli Ella has partnered with weavers from villages in Vietnam, seamstresses in Chennai India and toy manufacturers in Dongguan, China to produce ethically made kids products crafted from sustainable materials. Weavers in Vietnam receive the raw material to weave a variety of rattan and seagrass baskets, luggy trolleys and bags from the comfort of their homes. The rattan is dried in the sun and finished with water-based paint to create a product that is completely chemical-free and naturally made. 

Producers in Dongguan City, China craft the Olli Ella Dinkum Dolls and Hoodie Folk. The factory holds an ICTI certification, which is a standard of ethical toy production that ensures that staff are paid fair wages, treated well and have comfortable and safe working conditions. 

Cotton fabrics used in the Olli Ella dolls are produced in Chennai, India, in collaboration with skilled artisans. These producers incorporate recyclable materials and upcycled fabric off-cuts into their fabric manufacturing for a more sustainably made product. Olli Ella works collaboratively with producers worldwide to shine a light on plastic’s environmental impacts and educate their supply line on minimising waste and energy expenditure. 

Who owns Olli Ella?

Olli Ella is owned and operated by two Australian sisters, Chloe and Olivia Brookman, from their hometown in Byron Bay.

Is Olli Ella Australian?

Olli Ella is an Australian brand with headquarters in Byron Bay. The Olli Ella brand has additional offices in London and LA and sells its excellent product line online and via retailers worldwide.

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