Give them a break from screen time with the excitable range of children’s toys from HipKids. From indoor toys to capture their creativity and outdoor toys to match their lively spirit, we carry an extensive collection of kid’s toys that will stand up to the energetic play and whims of your ray of sunshine — young and old.


Give them a break from screen time with the excitable range of children’s toys from HipKids. From indoor toys to...

Are toys for kids safe?

Your child's safety is our biggest priority. At HipKids, our complete collection of children’s toys meets Australian safety standards. We only work with reputable manufacturers with an established history of producing safe and responsible products so that you can shop for indoor and outdoor toys for kids with the utmost confidence and total peace of mind.

What is the best children’s toy for both boys and girls?

The best toy for a kid is anything that brings them joy, happiness and a smile. Many toys have educational elements that your child can benefit from and be entertained by. Whether your little one wants to care for a cuddly plush toy, cook up a storm in a play kitchen or enjoy the thrills of a push bike, HipKids has an expansive range of unisex toys that will capture their interests and imagination. 

What are the top kid’s toys for Christmas?

Watching your kids open their presents on Christmas morning is always something special and heartwarming. The top children’s toys for Christmas will vary depending on your child’s age. 

A young infant might love a plush toy to snuggle up to; an older kid might want their own pair of wheels to fly by on a push bike, or large toy workbenches and tool sets will give them the ultimate inspiration to imitate their parents in the work shed. Whatever interests them, you’ll find toys for kids in our range that they’ll use for years to come. 

What is considered a toy for kids?

With their broad imagination and curious minds, anything in your home, from a box to a figurine, can be considered a toy for kids — provided it's safe for them to handle. A children’s toy is any physical item made or appropriated for entertainment and even to aid their learning and development.

Many are indoor toys designed to be used in the house and make fantastic travel companions — think plush toys that will keep them settled during overseas trips. Others are excellent outdoors toys that will energise their bodies and minds using kinetic play with outdoor equipment.

Is it normal for children to still play with toys at 12?

It’s completely normal and acceptable for your ray of sunshine to play with kids’ toys as they progress into adolescence, provided it doesn’t replace their real-life friendships and interactions. They will have long graduated from wooden toys for kids, so it’s important to find toys for kids that are more complex for their age and reflect their interests.

Why are children’s toys so important?

Indoor and outdoor toys aren’t just to provide entertainment — kid’s toys offer multiple benefits and are an excellent way to spur your child’s learning and development. 

Some of the best toys are open-ended, meaning they can be played with in different ways and environments. Whether it is to harness their imagination, develop their EQ, creativity, hand and eye coordination or problem-solving skills, toys for kids integrate education in a fun and playful setting that is sure to bring a smile and laugh.

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