Wooden Food Sets & Pretend Play

If your child likes to learn while they play, our colourful range of assorted pretend play wooden toys, foods and utensils will help them do just that.

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50 Results




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HipKids AXEL Toy Tool Workbench
HipKids Wooden Tea Set
Scandi Toy Kitchen
White Modern Chef Toy Kitchen
HipKids Wooden Shopping Trolley White
Junior Chef Toy Kitchen
Toy Market Grocer Stand Shop
Scandi Toy Kitchen & Fridge Set
Low Stock
HipKids Toy Cash Register
Remi Doll Furniture & Doll Family Set
Grocer Stand & Pretend Food
Low Stock
HipKids Tool Box with Tool Set
Modern Chef & Playfood Bundle
Low Stock
Le Toy Van Honeybake Star Beauty Set
Kids Concept Car Park Aiden
Low Stock
Moover Line Cleaning Set
Play Vegetable Crate Set
JaBaDaBaDo Picnic Basket TinTea Set Pastel
JaBaDaBaDo Ice Cream Shop
Tender Leaf Toys Babyccino Maker
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Wooden Food Sets & Pretend Play

Wooden Pretend Food Sets,  Kitchen Play Toys & Pretend Play If your child likes to learn while they play, our...

At what age are pretend play kitchen and role play toys suitable for kids?

To keep your little one safe, we recommend that solitary play with all of our role play toys including toy kitchen sets, pretend food, tea sets and stalls remain exclusively for children who are over the age of three.

What range of pretend play and role play toys do we have?

From wooden tea sets, to a fully stocked Scandi pretend play kitchen, we have everything to unleash your child’s culinary imagination. Our play kitchens are made from solid Birchwood ply and feature stoves, sinks, storage and chalkboard painted side panels. We have pretend play food sets so your child can get acquainted with pots, pans, cooking utensils and practice chopping up and peeling their favourite fruit and vegetables. 

HipKids has everything for your little one to set up their own shop, from cash registers and shopping trolleys to their very own ice cream stall or patisserie stand, they’re guaranteed to have hours of fun. We also stock plenty of role play toys like pretend doctor and dentists kits, wooden cameras and cleaning and beauty sets.

Can pretend play improve kids productivity?

While pretend play exists in an imaginary world, the range of skills your child is able to learn in this environment is very real. It’s a great way for children to engage in storytelling, as they reenact, replay and make sense of new moments in their day, through the simple act of playing.

It’s also an important time for them to communicate and problem solve with others as they learn to socialise in this safe space. Alternatively, pretend play is also an important opportunity to empower your child through the sense of independence gained from solitary play. 

All of our role play and pretend play toys are designed to enhance your child’s practical skills, cognitive function and fine motor skills so explore our collection now.

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HipKids Wooden Tea Set
HipKids Wooden Tea Set