Kid's Bike Size Guide - Leg Inseam

Leg Inseam is one of the most important measurements to determine the right bike size for your little one.

Leg Inseam measurements for each bike in our range is as follows:

bike product                       Leg Inseam                      Age Guide 

2 in 1 Mini Trike                   25cm - 29cm                12 mths - 3 years

2 in 1 Wooden Trike             33cm - 39cm               18 mths - 5 years

HipKids Steel Trike              34cm - 38cm                18 mths - 5 years

12" Classic Bike                  43cm - 49cm                 3 years - 5 years

20" Classic Bike                  50cm - 63cm                5 years - 9 years



How To Measure Your Child's Leg Inseam

1. Have your little one stand with their back against the wall and feet only slightly apart.

2. Hold a ruler or book between their legs. The top edge of ruler or book’s spine should hit your child's crotch area

3. Measure the distance between the ground and the top of the book. And that’s your inseam! 

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